Battlefleet Gothic: Armada trailer debuts the Chaos faction and their planet killer

Battlefleet Gothic Chaos faction

The latest Battlefleet Gothic: Armada trailer has landed, this time showing off the Chaos faction in Focus Home and Tindalos Interactive’s take on the 40k universe’s massive-scale space battles. They use far older tech than their loyal counterparts, still manning ships that turned traitor 10,000 years previously, meaning their technology is different and exploits laser-beams rather than hard munitions. They can also dedicate themselves to one of the dark gods, upgrading their capabilities and bestowing new powers.

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It is, as you can well imagine, all particularly rad. But! You don’t have to imagine, because the trailer is right here:

All I’ve ever wanted, really, is something that could be accurately described as a Planet Killer. If my memory of the 4th edition Chaos Space Marine codex is accurate, this particular one sets the atmosphere alight, then super-charges the core of the planet. Most of the population usually die around this point due to the, you know, lack of oxygen, then the whole thing cracks apart and finally explodes.

It’s pretty great.

The game itself still doesn’t have a solid release date, with March 2016 listed on Steam. It’s 10% off at the moment during pre-orders, which also gets you a bunch of goodies like pre-release access to multiplayer and another faction, the Space Marines. Want to see more? Here’s the Imperial Faction trailer from a few months back.