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Battlefleet Gothic: Armada trailer shows off the Imperium and their giant battle-churches

Here is some pure, unapologetic videogame. Battlefleet Gothic's latest game-form Armada has been quietly grinning at the edges of my conciousness for some time with its promise of Homeworld-but-40k and apocalyptic battles between familiar Warhammer space-factions. I've had to assume it would be bad to stop myself turning into a little box that only says the words "Planet Killer" and "Imperial battlecruiser." Sadly, with the latest trailer, that is no longer an option.

Space, the final frontier, but packed with loads of great PC games.

In it, Focus Home Interactive Man introduces us to the Imperial faction, who go about space in giant floating castle-churches with an infinite number of cannons:

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I'll be honest, if the idea of warp ramming some fools to death doesn't get you excited, we are dissimilar to the point of species. The same is true of dodging missile fire with warp drives. Or, indeed, warping in to fire missiles and deal some terrible (terrible) damage to opposing forces.

Battlefleet Gothic has always been the coolest looking of Warhammer's many spin-off franchises and I thought the day we'd get a game that did it justice was long past. From these brief glimpses battles look tactical and interesting, with lots of options and choices to be made mid-fight. However it doesn't seem over-complicated, and logical assumptions like "the bigger ships are better" seem to hold true.

But honestly, it could be the most indecipherable thing since Paradox tried to emulate the 15th century and I'd still be all in. This type of game breeds spectacle and I can't wait to get to grips with it early next year.

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Mackles avatar
Mackles Avatar
2 Years ago

The ships look like they were designed by someone embracing the idea that the only logical response is a disproportionate response. I'll take 5.