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Battlerite is a stripped back, team-based arena brawler from the Bloodline Champions developer


Battlerite is a gladiatorial-style team-based brawler that aims to deliver tight, short matches with a focus on stripped-back purity.

You can add Battlerite to our ever-expanding list of upcoming PC games.

Although it claims it wants to deliver a more pure experience, it looks like Battlerite is still going to have a personality. Just look at some of the fighters: a stealthy frog man, a spear-wielding martial arts grandmaster, a tribal queen with two hammers, and a mysterious creature with a dark power have been revealed thus far. The fighters will “each have their set of combo-friendly attacks”, according to the official site.

It’s from the studio behind Bloodline Champions, too, so there’s a pedigree there. This very much seems like an attempt at refining that formula, but with smaller teams.

“Muscles ignite, earth-quaking and forces collide. Take a seat in the crowd and get swept along in the mayhem. As an observer you get the opportunity to follow your favorite champions, and as a contender you must smash in style to impress your fans. Battlerite is the true arena experience,” says the blurb.

Here’s the reveal trailer:

You can sign up for the beta and the Battlerite site.