Mech Warrior spiritual predecessor BattleTech’s plot and characters revealed

BattleTech Lady Arano

Kickstarted mech game BattleTech has revealed its plot and characters in a backer update and appears to be continuing many of the political and aristocratic themes of its Mech Warrior offshoots.

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Developers Harebrained Schemes dropped details of the story and some of the members of noble houses fighting over power in the midst of a massive war with massive human-piloted robots.

There’s a few minor spoilers which lay bare what happens in the prologue of the unreleased game, with a beta for backers due to arrive between late January and early March.

The story revolves around an area of space known as the Aurigan Reach, the site of a brutal civil war within the ruling Terran Empire resulting in several families fighting over the right to be feudal assholes.

One of which, House Arano, loses their hold over the sector in a coup, prompting Lady Kamea Arano to jump in the cockpit of the family’s ancestral battle mech and take a turn at kicking some teeth in.

That’s her above, but if you want to read her whole bio as well as the other factions you’ll be fighting against, within and alongside when it’s finished (in the likely distant future) hit the link to the Kickstarter blog post here.