The remastered Battlezone: Combat Commander launches in March, with a beta in February

battlezone combat commander release date

Rebellion and Big Boat Interactive announced their remaster of Battlezone 2 back in December, and now we know exactly when to expect the return of the hybrid action-strategy title. Battlezone: Combat Commander will release on March 1, and along with the release date there’s a fresh look at what the remaster will encompass.

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The latest trailer showcases all the fancy new art, effects, shaders, and rendering features that put a fresh coat of paint on the 1999 original. That’s in addition to “rebalanced and refined” systems, online and LAN multiplayer including cross-play across GOG and Steam, and full mod support building on a two-decade old modding community.

A beta is scheduled to launch later in February, giving the community an early taste of the final game. The official website will have more info on the beta closer to launch, so keep an eye there for more.

The previous remaster, Battlezone 98 Redux, got a solid share of support including a later release of the original Red Odyssey expansion, so hopefully Combat Commander follows suit as another solid remaster.