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New Steam horror game is like Subnautica but with a bizarre twist

This new horror game on Steam is like a pixelated Subnautica, and the developer is being absurdly cryptic to people asking for help.

the cockpit of a suit of power armor under the deep ocean

There truly is nothing more terrifying than the unknown horrors that lurk deep in the ocean. Creatures live so far down that they go their entire lives without sunshine. They scare us because they were never meant to be in the light. Subnautica captures the essence of the fear deep sea exploration instills in us, and this new horror game might just do it better.

Set on an ancient flooded world, B.C. Piezophile has 12 large levels for you to progress through. After your ship crashes on the planet, you sink to the bottom of the ocean and must ascend to survive. In this horror game you have a suit of power armor, described as the bare minimum necessary to cope with the hadal zone’s crushing depths. You also have an ancient superweapon, and, “for counsel, a manic symbiote.” This symbiote is the organic supercomputer on board your suit, and it provides “confusing encyclopedia entries that will not help you.”

What also won’t help you is the developer. Many games forgo tutorials or are deliberately obtuse to encourage players figuring things out for themselves. FromSoftware’s Dark Souls series is the most famous example of this. On B.C. Piezophile’s Steam discussions page, people asking for help are met with cryptic responses from the developer.

One player asks how to remove facehugger-like creatures from their suit’s viewport and the dev responds with, “To User Vik from the Game’s Developer who PRAYS: LORD, may thy buzzing Ferrocurios release themselves from our chitinous vanities, pinching their noses from sheol’s smeldering, and swept away into abyssal obscuritudes for ever. Amen.” Huh?

Supremely mysterious, there are no trailers for B.C. Piezophile but one intrepid YouTuber, ‘YellowDemonHurlr,’ shares footage from the game as part of a larger Steam Next Fest Stream:

YouTube Thumbnail

The 12 large levels offer numerous paths and shortcuts through, and damage your to your suit is permanent and sustained across levels in the campaign. So, be careful what you fight. All the ecologies in the oceans are simulated, and each creature has its own behavioral patterns. The Steam page claims there are “no strict enemies,” and that all the creatures simply prioritize survival. Although they can be curious, you won’t always have to fight to the death if provoked.

Just like in Outer Worlds, your ship, or power armor, in this case, has  fully diegetic systems that allow you to determine how its doing and where you are in the world. Even the game’s main menu is diegetic, so once you go in, you’ll feel fully immersed in the depths.

If this sounds like your kind of game, you can check out the Steam demo right here.

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