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Be a giant cop in Giant Cop, the city-sim/god-game/crime-fighting mash-up

It's quiet out there on the shores of news today, so here's a game about being a huge police officer. In Giant Cop you're the only law-man left in Micro City due to budget cuts. Usefully, you're several dozen stories tall and up to the task of taking down the city's criminals all by yourself. It's just been revealed, with a first public showing and demo available at EGX in Birmingham this weekend. It's got the aesthetics of a 70s cop show and the play of an off-beat city-sim. Here's the first trailer.

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With your giant powers you'll be able to keep an eye out for any signs of trouble around the city and arrest any suspects. Naturally, you'll also be able to throw cars and people about like tiny ragdolls, should you see fit, and punch craters into the Earth. Like a real police officer. As chaotic as that may all sound, your first duty is to the populace and protecting them and their houses is your goal. Don't go blowing up too much stuff or, presumably, you'll be a failure.

We've got some top men on the scene at EGX, so expect reports back about all the goings on at the show soon. Hopefully that will include a deeper look into what GIANT COP (capitalisation writer's own) has to offer.

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AnAuldWolf avatarBen Barrett avatar
AnAuldWolf Avatar
2 Years ago

Before I looked at the screenshot of this, I had a mental image of Ultraman in a deerstalker and Godzilla dressed up like Dr. Watson. I like what I see, but I think I like my version of the premise a little bit better.

Though mine would run into all sorts of copyright problems, so theirs is more sensible.

Ben Barrett Avatar
2 Years ago

... man, imagine it though.