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Bella Wants Blood, a horror roguelike tower defense, is out very soon

Bella Wants Blood is a gory tower defense roguelike reminiscent of The Binding of Isaac and Cult of the Lamb, and it's coming out soon.

Bella Wants Blood, a horror roguelike tower defense, is out very soon: A red creature made of square segments, from Bella Wants Blood.

The tower defense genre has fallen slightly out of favor in recent years, which is only natural after an era where games like Plants vs Zombies, Kingdom Rush Vengeance, and Sanctum 2 so heavily dominated the strategy space. Combining tower defense with the roguelike and hand drawn horror elements of games like Cult of the Lamb, The Binding of Isaac, and Darkest Dungeon 2, though, is a compelling proposition. And this is exactly what the upcoming Bella Wants Blood looks to do when it launches later this month.

Bella Wants Blood is a tower defense game with a striking visual style and an excellent premise. It takes place in a void where, as the Steam description explains, “the god-like Bella demands you play their game to feed them blood.” In practice, this means that the player needs to destroy “Bella’s friends and their grotesque minions” by constructing a goopy, threat laden path through the gutters that make up their pulsating guts, turning enemies into blood that the horrible god feeds upon.

The player unlocks new tools and upgrades abilities on each run, choosing which of the game’s seven bosses to face, and trying to rack up a high score by employing the best possible strategies. Bella Wants Blood is described as “bite-sized” as well, which is a reference both to the hungry god Bella themselves and the fact that its “core game” is meant to be fairly short, lasting two to four hours.

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You can take a look at Bella Wants Blood ahead of its Wednesday July 24 launch by downloading its demo on Steam. Check it out right here.

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