BenQ’s Mobiuz gaming monitors come with TV’s secret weapon

Remote control monitors just got even better with BenQ's latest curved gaming displays

New BenQ Mobius gaming monitor with included remote on right with white backdrop

Gaming monitors undeniably have the edge over a conventional TV set, but even your grandparent’s old gogglebox has a secret weapon that your fancy desk display doesn’t. For too long, gaming desk dwellers have had to make do with fiddly buttons and weird joysticks while TV users get to control everything with a remote from afar. However, thanks to BenQ’s latest range of QHD monitors, gamers can finally wield control of their high-spec screen from a distance.

That’s right, as novel as it seems, BenQ’s Mobiuz QHD 165Hz panels actually come with a remote. Sure, having a doofer for your display isn’t exactly a necessity, especially when sat at a desk. But, as a luxury, it gives gaming setups a layer of versatility. For instance, you could control your gaming speakers from afar while having a break from a lengthy gaming session.

Of course, having wireless control over your monitor does increase functionality. Naturally, if you’ve ever made adjustments to even a bog-standard desk screen, you’ll know of the frustrations associated with using out of sight buttons to menu hop and navigate through settings.

While the prospect of having a remote for a monitor is pretty exciting, it’s far from being the fanciest thing about BenQ’s new lineup. In fact, the company’s trio of Mobiuz displays come packed with a range of game optimising features, 2.1 channel speakers, and two strong 1000R curve 27-inch and 32-inch models that should elevate immersion levels tenfold. Alternatively, if you think curves are a curse and you’re not too fussed about health benefits or the remote, there’s also a flat 27-inch IPS option.

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Facilitating an immersive experience is evidently a core element of the new Mobiuz range. Yet, BenQ’s new panels also cater to those in search of perfect fidelity and colour quality. Sensor driven features like HDRi also enrich the range’s HDR abilities by automatically adjusting the screen to suit specific lighting conditions.

Regardless of whether you’re enticed by the Mobiuz’s impressive specs, or even the novelty of its included remote, BenQ’s new triple threat is sure to satisfy most of your gaming needs. Although, if we’re being honest, the fact that BenQ has finally placed a remote in the hands of gamers and desk users like is special and absolutely wins it some points over alternatives on the market.