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Besiege player creates Pacific Rim’s Gypsy Danger mech, crushes everything

Besiege Pacific Rim

Pacific Rim may be a big bunch of dumb nonsense, but there’s one thing it certainly does have going for it, and that’s the Jaegers: pretty awesome giant mechs. The last place I expected to see one though was inside Besiege, the medieval engineering game. 

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Player Drako has recreated American Jaeger Gypsy Danger – the star of the Pacific Rim show – from Besiege’s collection of wooden panels and hinged joints. It’s a superb recreation, from the frame itself to the roaring power core in the centre of the chest.

Whatsmore, it actually works. It walks! It swings swords! It even opens its torso panel to fire out cannonballs! Not only that, but Drako has imported modder Shade’s V-50 Jumphawk helicopters to recreate the scenes where Gypsy Danger is airlifted into battle.

Besiege is certainly one of the great bastions of PC creativity, but we think they’ve just hit a new level. You can grab your own Gypsy Danger from the Steam Workshop.

Thanks, PC Gamer.