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Besiege finally goes 1.0 in February, after five years of Early Access

The release comes with the single-player finale and a new set of logic blocks

Over a decade after launching into Early Access – back when Early Access was barely a thing – creative destruction sandbox Besiege is finally going 1.0. This month will see the game properly launch with the final piece of its single-player campaign, and will also offer a new set of block types that let you turn your siege engines into automatons.

Besiege 1.0 launches on February 18, and introduces Krolmar – the final island in the single-player campaign. “Krolmar is an ancient and mysterious desert island,” the developers say in the announcement, “filled with new enemies to slaughter, fortresses to obliterate, and secret magics to unravel.”

The update also introduces Automation blocks. Logic gates let you define certain conditions to trigger actions. Altimeters trigger actions once you reach a particular altitude. Sensors trigger actions when specific objects appear in front of them. Timers trigger actions when a countdown elapses. All four of these logic tools will output key presses to control your constructions.

Besiege is currently available for $9.99 / £6.99 / €7.99, but that price will increase after launch. The developers plan to continue updating the game past 1.0, and are set to begin “prototyping some experimental Besiege features.”

Besiege is one of the most venerable building games of the Early Access era – though its emphasis on destruction also helps it stand out.