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Besiege’s excellent Splintered Sea DLC is getting longer and harder

The Besiege Splintered Sea expansion is getting a big update that will make it bigger and tougher, including a deadly tentacled beast.

Excellent sandbox game Besiege gets a big update for its Splintered Sea expansion - A giant squid clutches its tentacles around a boat underwater.

Who doesn’t love smashing things? From Command and Conquer to Battlefield, the simple satisfaction of setting a symphony of destruction in motion has long been one of gaming’s ultimate pleasures, and the best sandbox games are a fantastic place to do it. The arrival of the Besiege: The Splintered Sea expansion in May was a great excuse to return to one of the most satisfying building games on PC, and now developer Spiderling Studios announces a big upgrade to its campaign that’s set to challenge you even more.

The Splintered Sea DLC takes the core concept of Besiege – making all manner of weird and wonderful destruction machines, then unleashing them on a range of bases, fortresses, and enemy vehicles – and extends it out to the open ocean. A big helping of new building blocks suited to the new setting and an immersive water simulation that enhances its motion, collisions, and explosions in all-new ways makes it a fantastic addition to one of the best sandbox games.

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Now, it’s set to get even better. On Monday July 22, Spiderling Studios is launching a big update for the Splintered Sea campaign focused on “increasing the length and difficulty based on your feedback.” It adds five additional levels, along with tweaks to further hone the challenge of existing ones, a selection of other improvements, and fixes for a handful of issues spotted by the community since launch.

Perhaps the highlight of the update is the introduction of the kraken-like tentacled titan seen in the trailer. It’s an incredibly dangerous threat that can snatch, toss, or crush anything that strays too close. Elsewhere, you’ll also have to contend with a vast swarm of sharks led by one particularly impressive individual.

Other levels will test both your building and piloting skills. You’ll need to construct nimble craft that can navigate dangerous obstacles or slip through tight spaces between closing gates or other such environmental hazards. The team is also “experimenting with the idea of adding additional challenges to levels that, while not required for completion, can offer a much greater test of your ability.”

Besiege: The Splintered Sea - A boat steers clear of a large explosion alongside a small island.

“You asked us for a longer campaign, with new levels that offer unique challenges and greater difficulty, and we heard you,” Spiderling says. “This update will increase the campaign length by 50%, adding some of the toughest, most fun, and most interesting levels of the expansion.” It also concludes with a thank you to players, adding, “Your support has been tremendous and your feedback invaluable.”

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