Unleash your siege engines on Besiege’s new island

Besiege update

Are you filled with a fury that can only be sated by smashing down walls and running over scurrying medieval soldiers? Besiege’s first major updated launched yesterday, chucking in a new island and some new parts you can slap on your horrific weapon of castle destruction.   

Besiege’s new island, Tolbrynd, has launched with five levels, while a further 10-15 will be added in future updates. Whole new structures that have never been knocked down! Virgin territory for your monstrous siege engines.

Speaking of siege engines, there are a couple of new parts. The friction plate should help if you want to make a walking machine, while the drill is a drill, and thus excellent.

Here are the patch notes:

Additional content

  • Added New Island -(New environments, NPCs & Structures)
  • Added 5 New Levels
  • Added Drill block
  • Added High Friction Grip Pad block
  • Added physics based brick system for new levels


  • Player now prompted upon Island completion
  • Island completion now sets it on fire
  • Changed water on main planet menu
  • New audio feedback upon Island & level selection


  • Fixed camera behaving strange after balloons pop
  • Fixed bug where pressing ‘I’ in the key mapper would set slider value to 0


  • Camera now moves parallel to floor
  • Increased camera far clip plane from 500 to 1500.
  • Cannon ball is now 2x heavier
  • Boulder now breaks above a certain impact force