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Best Amazon Prime Day 2019 PC deals

Best Gaming PC

Don’t worry, it’s not quite November yet. This isn’t Black Friday or Cyber Monday, this is just the regular ol’ Amazon Prime Day and it’s still July and the sun’s shining. Probably. It might be, but I wouldn’t know as I’m unable to look outside because I’m glued to my PC giving you the best damned PC gaming deals around. Honestly, I don’t even know what time it is…

The only issue is that Prime Day is only available for Prime members, and if you haven’t signed up for the Amazon then no deals for you. But don’t worry because it’s not really an issue at all! You can sign up for a 30-day Amazon Prime free trial today, or if you want to take advantage of a £20 reduction you can get a full year of Amazon Prime for just £59, but that’s a limited time deal and will run dry just shy of midnight on July 16.

We’ve gone through today’s deals to dig out our favourite offers on PC tech, but as Prime Day isn’t really limited to just one day, we’ve refreshed the deals from yesterday. Because we’re good like that.

There are a host of PC gaming deals going down today, with prices being slashed on gaming monitors, gaming keyboards, gaming mice, and most especially SSDs. Seriously, if you’re in the market for a new solid state drive, even if you’re just after cheap data storage rather than a new boot drive, then it might be time to get that wallet out.

HP Omen gaming monitor

Gaming Monitors

Samsung C27R500 | 27-inch | £130 | 33% off
If you like your screens curved, however, then this 1080p bezel-less monitor should fit the bill, and with a quality Samsung panel too.
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HP Omen monitor | 25-inch | £195 | 22% off 
This 1080p 25-inch AMD FreeSync screen is a great price now that it’s well below £200, and offers 144Hz gaming with just a 1ms response time.
View live pricingWD Black SN750 SSD

Solid State Drives

WD Black SN750 | 500GB | £105 | 19% off
The Samsung-baiting WD drives are some of the best, and best-value, high-performance PCIe SSDs around today.
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Crucial BX500 | 1TB | £76 | 20% off
If speed is less important than large scale capacity this 1TB Crucial SSD is a great extended Steam library option.
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Crucial P1 | 1TB | £77 | 31% off
Not the absolute fastest NVMe SSD around, but still around 4x quicker than any SATA drive you can buy!
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Samsung SSD T5 | 1TB | £158 | 56% off
If lightning quick portable storage is more your thing then this incredible Samsung drive is a decent price today.
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Crucial Ballistix RAM


Crucial Ballistix 3,000MHz | 16GB | £61 | 22% off
System RAM has become affordable again, and the easiest PC upgrade is within reach with a speedy 16GB kit at a bargain price.
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Crucial Ballistix 3,200MHz | 16GB | £70 | 15% off
But if you really need just that little bit of extra memory speed, if you’re building an APU-based system, then you can spend a little more.
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Corsair K70

Gaming Keyboards

Logitech G213 | £28 | 53% off
This RGB gaming keyboard may not be mechanical but the solid feel of the membrane switches still give a feeling of Logi quality.
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HyperX Alloy | £52 | 31% off 
A genuine Cherry MX-based mechanical switch for only a little over £50? Yeah, this compact HyperX board is a great price right now.
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Corsair K70 | £108 | 30% off 
The classic K70 is one of my favourite gaming keyboards of all time and while it’s not /cheap/ this is a decent price with a hefty discount today.
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Corsair Harpoon RGB Wireless gaming mouse verdict

Gaming mice

Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum | £33 | 53% off
The classic G502 is one of, if not the most popular gaming mouse around and now the wired version is an absolute bargain.
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Corsair Harpoon Wireless | £36 | 35% off
The Harpoon is already pretty darned cheap for a wireless gaming mouse anyways, but with this deal putting it at £36 it’s a bargain.
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Razer Mamba Elite | £55 | 39% off
We couldn’t talk peripherals without talking Razer, and its mighty Mamba gaming mice are getting some good discounts today, such as this wired rodent.
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