Disney’s famous 16-bit platformers - Aladdin, Lion King and The Jungle Book - now for sale on GOG | PCGamesN

Disney’s famous 16-bit platformers - Aladdin, Lion King and The Jungle Book - now for sale on GOG

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Well here’s a surprise. The Sega versions - i.e. the good versions - of Disney’s much-loved 16-bit platformers from the 90s have been ported to modern operating systems and are now available on GOG.com. They’ll work on Windows, Mac or Linux but play, look and sound just like you remember, and are available at $10 a pop, or bundled for $20.

Want a taste of the classic? Here are the best old PC games you might have forgotten.

They’re also serving a launch discount, making picking just one up only $8.99. If you’re too young (like me) or never had a console at that age (also like me), supreme Editorman Joel recommends Aladdin. It’s no longer the prettiest game out there, but the platforming should hopefully hold up. It’s worth noting that these aren’t full remasters, they’ve just be rejiggered enough to run on a PC, likely via emulation, so don’t expect a full remake.

There’s no mention if Disney plan to bring any other classic games from their back catalogue - like Split/Second, obviously - forward to modern operating systems, but presumably if there’s demand, there will be supply.

Here's the full collection, which is also on the launch discount, dropping the price a bit.

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Optimaximal Avatar
1 Year ago


Ben Barrett Avatar
1 Year ago

Look, the point is it's brilliant and deserves a sequel.

Flodarien Avatar
1 Year ago

Are they the DOS versions played with DOSBox? I can't see anything about that anywhere.

AnAuldWolf Avatar
1 Year ago

I loved the Lion King. It proved that you can make something stupidly hard without making it unfair. That the problem with video games is never about the difficulty but always about the unfairness. This is a lesson that was learned well by VVVVVV, Ori & the Blind Forest, and many others I'm sure I'm not remembering.

Aladdin was always praised but it was never my thing. It was never really evocative of the film, no matter how well it was animated. It was nice to look at, just not particularly fun to play. I remember it being sluggish and the question of why I was murdering so many clone guards kept coming to mind. And why there were so many clone guards in the first place??? Which was never explained, but could easily have been as magic illusions thanks to someone like Mirage or Abis Mal (well, or Mozenrath at a stretch, but then it would've been mamlucks). Is my nerdliness showing? I loved the Aladdin cartoon, some pretty great characters and storytelling there, except for the odd bad writer. Like the Sadira episodes, which were painful to watch.

And Jasmin kicked butt in it, too, rather than just being a pretty princess there for decoration. And I guess that's why the game never sat well with me, it was contrary to what I loved best about Aladdin.

Can't speak to the Jungle Book's values, though. I never got around to playing it.