Topic of the Week: What was the best PC game at E3 2016?


Across an ocean of trailers comes the Topic of the Week, and you’ll never guess which massive gaming event it’s about. Perhaps predictably, E3 is dominating the site and everything else this week, so we want to know what you’ve enjoyed looking at most.

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For the currently on-shift Team PCGN, Ben’s preference has been For Honor as far as PC games go. The story trailer was utterly ridiculous and the revelation that there would actually be a single-player surprised. Plus, its fighting system looks ace. On console, Horizon: Zero Dawn still looks incredible, because robot dinosaurs are cool.

News hero and eSports fanatic Chris Higgins, meanwhile, picks another Ubisoft game for his PC-wants in Grow Up, because little robots are cute. On console he’s all in on Zelda, because he is a massive child, but also it does look pretty great.

But nevermind us – what’s impressed you? Feel free to lament Sony’s stack not coming to PC by picking Playstation games, or Nintendo’s insistence on selling their own consoles with some of theirs, but obviously PC recs will have you judged less harshly by the comment gods.