Nine post-apocalypse games to prepare you for Armageddon

If these are the end-times, come join us and have yourself a good time

A built up colony in Frostpunk, one of the best management games

Both the doomsday clock and a feeling in our guts tell us there’s not much time left until Armageddon. We’re talking in the videogame sense of course, because an all-consuming wave of post-apocalyptic games is barrelling towards us at breakneck speed. Metro Exodus and Far Cry New Dawn have already landed, and The Division 2 and Rage 2 are on their way. Hey, you could probably count Devil May Cry 5 in that list as well. All drop in the space of a month, wrapping you in the nice warm embrace of oblivion.

To prepare you for the imminent collapse of society (again, we mean the virtual one), we’ve put together a video. It’s called ‘9 post-apocalyptic games to prepare you for Armageddon’.

In this video, we look at how nine different games portray the post-apocalypse, and what you can learn from them in order to stand the best chance when everything goes south.

Take Frostpunk, for example, in which you govern a settlement struggling through the icy grip of perma-winter. That’s a good one for improving leadership skills – and indeed, how to break increasingly awful news to people.

Or The Flame in the Flood, where you have to survive a drowned world on a wooden raft. Better start remembering what plants make your face swell up.

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