Best Steam Deck dock – top USB-C hub devices

Wondering what the best Steam Deck dock is ahead of Valve’s official solution? Our top USB-C docking station isn't from the usual suspects like Anker or Belkin

Steam Deck dock: Valve's handheld on purple and white backdrop

The best Steam Deck dock can transform the handheld into a hybrid gaming PC, whether you’re looking for a desktop replacement or a console alternative. While we’re still waiting for Valve’s official accessory, there are plenty of USB-C hubs out there that play nice with the portable powerhouse.


Whether you’re looking to create a Steam Deck TV experience or you require a dinky desktop replacement, the best Steam Deck dock could transform how you use the portable device. Arming the handheld with a keyboard and mouse essentially enables it to fill in as an entry-level gaming PC, and connecting it to an external monitor allows its 1080p abilities to flourish.

There’s a variety of Steam Deck compatible docks on the market, but it’s important to pick one that best suits the device. Some options out there are designed with best gaming laptops in mind, meaning they won’t necessarily deliver power to the handheld or include support for its 45W charger. Most don’t include the stand, either, leaving your Steam Deck lying on your gaming desk face up rather than propped up and pointing at you.

Valve says we’ll hear more about the official Steam Deck dock soon, but we still haven’t got a solid release date. So, to help prevent any docking dilemmas, we’ve compiled a list of the best steam deck dock and USB-C hubs, including options from JSaux, Anker, Lenovo, and Belkin.

Steam Deck dock: Valve's handheld PC on desktop with monitor and keyboard in view

Here are the best Steam Deck docks:

Best Steam Deck dock: Jsaux docking station

1. Best Steam Deck dock

The best Steam Deck dock is the Jsaux Steam Deck dock

Few Steam Deck docks cradle your baby gaming PC so you can use it as a second screen, which is where Jsaux’s flattering immitation of the official version shines. It might essentially mimic the absent first-party design, but we are quite impressed with the company getting its foot in the door ahead of Valve in our Jsaux Steam Deck dock review – not to mention its fair asking price.

Equipped with HDMI, two USB A ports, and Ethernet, the Jsaux Steam Deck dock makes transforming the handheld into a gaming PC easy. 100W power delivery also means keeping the portable powerhouse charged while providing your gaming keyboard and external SSD with juice.


  • Designed with Steam Deck in mind
  • 4K 60fps
  • 100W Power Delivery


  • Would benefit from extra USB ports
  • Questionable Ethernet placement
Jsaux Steam Deck dock
USB ports  2
Power Delivery 100W
HDMI ports 1
Ethernet Yes

The Jsaux Steam Deck dock isn’t currently available on Amazon UK.

Steam Deck dock: Anker USB-C hub on white backdrop

2. best cheap Steam Deck dock

The best cheap Steam Deck dock is the Anker USB-C Hub

Anker’s USB-C Hub is cheap, but it holds up against even the best Steam Deck docks on the market. This option crams two USB 3.0 ports, HDMI, and an SD card slot into a wallet-sized device, and it even includes Power Delivery 3.0 support.

Valve hasn’t revealed its Steam Deck dock price yet, but it’ll likely cost more than Anker’s compact alternative. That said, its dongle-esque design might bother enthusiasts that prioritise desk cable management, especially since its short USB-C cables makes it harder to tuck away out of sight.


  • Three USB ports
  • 100W power delivery


  • Design hinders cable management
  • No Ethernet
 Anker USB C Hub specs
USB ports  3
Power Delivery 100W
HDMI ports 1
Ethernet No

3. best versatile Steam Deck dock

The best versatile Steam Deck dock is the Belkin USB-C Hub

Belkin’s USB-C Hub is clearly built with laptops in mind, but its wedge-shaped design could cater to Steam Deck desk setups. Placing the chonky handheld on the dock’s rubberised surface simulates the look of an official product while somewhat concealing any connected cables.

Speaking of connectivity, Belkin’s angular dock features packs an impressive array of ports, including three USB-A connections, HDMI, Displayport 1.2, and support for both MicroSD and full-sized SD cards. Admittedly, if you’re just looking to enjoy some Steam Deck games at your desk, this hub is overkill, but it could still help you squeeze every drop of functionality out of your new handheld PC.


  • An expansive array of ports
  • Angled surface


  • Chonky design takes up desk space
  • 4K HDMI output capped at 30Hz
Belkin USB C Hub specs
USB ports  3
Power Delivery 100W
HDMI ports 1
Ethernet Yes

Steam Deck dock: Anker USB C hub adapter on white backdrop

4. best Steam Deck dock for travel

The best Steam Deck dock for travel is the Anker USB C Hub Adapter

Anker’s USB-C Hub Adapter blurs the line between dongle and dock, as its compact size doesn’t completely compromise its functionality. Despite taking up as much room as a chocolate bar, it boasts three USB 3.0 ports paired with HDMI and Ethernet, providing you with everything you need to use the Steam Deck with other devices.

Anker’s dinky dongle even features Power Delivery, so you won’t have to rely on the Steam Deck’s built-in battery.


  • Extremely compacted
  • Includes three USB ports


  • Power delivery capped at 65W
  • Inputs not on one side (looks messy)
Anker USB C hub adapter specs
USB ports  3
Power Delivery 65W
HDMI ports 1
Ethernet Yes

Steam, Deck dock: Invzi USB C dock on white backdrop

5. Invzi Docking Station

The best discrete Steam Deck dock is the Invzi Docking Station

Docking stations usually sit proudly on top of your workspace, and they traditionally cradle your connected device. However, the Invzi Docking Station deliberately stays away from your desk setup by plugging straight into a wall power socket. Aesthetically, this hub looks almost like a big phone charger, but it’s actually equipped with HDMI, Ethernet, and three power delivery USB C ports.

Invzi’s Steam Deck compatible dock plug thing only comes with one USB A port, so you’ll need to use an additional hub if you want to hook up your keyboard and mouse. While this would usually hamper desk cable management, the fact that this device is effectively a wall plug means you can confine it to the realm under your desk, something that should prevent any spaghetti monsters from reaching your surface.


  • Conceals cables away from desk
  • Extra USB-C power delivery ports


  • Need to be plugged into an outlet
  • Expensive
 Invzi docking station specs
USB ports  3
Power Delivery 100W x2, 30W x 1
HDMI ports 1
Ethernet Yes