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Bethesda have spilled red wine all over this round of The Evil Within screenshots. Unless… Oh.


I’ve always been a bit iffy on the connection between horror, the existential fear that clouds our minds and destabilises our mouse hands, and gore, the icky, mucky, bloody stuff often inexplicably found in its stead. If a set of new screenshots from Bethesda are anything to go by, self-defined horror game The Evil Within will negate the need for debate on the subject by plumping for both, in equal, copious measure.

The Evil Within is the work of former Resident Evil chap Shinji Mikami and his new non-Capcom comrades, Tango Gameworks. It looks like this:


“Excuse me? Yeah, hi. I think you’ve got something in your eye. No? Okay. Don’t worry about it.”




So: it seems players will be exceeding the limits of the debut trailer’s haunted hospital to take day trips to a nearby village – one that promises to be very nearly as unpleasant. Well, you know what they say: a change is as good as a rest. Are you looking forward to your visit?