Bethesda merchandise now includes snowboards

bethesda snowboards

Bethesda are preparing for a long dark winter in the only way they know how but turning it into a game. They’ve gone and released a set of snowboards emblazoned with artwork from their games.

If that doesn’t interest you then you may like a Fallout tracksuit (you won’t when you’ve seen the picture) or a Doom T-shirt (it’s ok. If you like that sort of thing).

The gear’s been designed by Never Summer. Here’s their take on a Vault 101 tracksuit:

It looks a little too soft to be the attire of a vault dweller. You can see more pictures of it over yonder.

For the less adventurous, here’s a Doom T-shirt:

doom t shirt

Finally, you can pick yourself up one of the few remaining Dragonborn/Dragonpriest statues.