Bethesda tease us with barbed wire and sheet music; “Consider yourself teased”


I don’t know if the guys over at Bethesda are knowledgeable in the arts of teasing, but barbed wire usually deters the curious. A short Vine clip embedded below is their latest attempt to woo the rumour mill, featuring sheet music and barbed wire. There’s plenty of things this could represent, Fallout, Wolfenstein or something entirely different.  

Well with some help we’ve ruled out one of them, you can find out which after the break.

Here’s the teaser clip:

Some detective work on reddit has shed at least some light on the teaser. The barb wire is currently still a mystery, but the sheet music has been identified. The first is a 33 ⅓ LP by The Moonbeam Trio called “Planned program service program no. 416”. The last piece of identifiable sheet music is from classic Johann Sebastian Bach with “Air on the G-string”.

A game related to the Fallout universe was the first guess from the teaser, but quickly shot down by Vice President Pete Hines from Bethesda:

Thanks Polygon.