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Beyond Good and Evil 20th Anniversary Edition is finally coming out

It’s been a long time coming and finally it’s almost finally here, Beyond Good and Evil 20th Anniversary Edition will be out very soon.

Beyond Good and Evil 20th Anniversary Edition is finally coming out: Pey'j looks on.

Announcing something new is rarely easy, there’s a lot of spinning plates and moving parts that have to come together just right in order for things to go smoothly. In the case of the Beyond Good and Evil 20th Anniversary Edition some of those plates have come falling down recently, with a few missteps along the way that have meant we’ve known it’s coming. Well, it’s nearly here, and we’ll be able to get our hands on it very soon.

Last year an ESRB rating hinted at the impending release of a Beyond Good and Evil remaster, then a few months later it appeared on Ubisoft+ before swiftly being removed. In addition the evidence of an announcement has been mounting over recent days, with the original game being delisted from digital stores. Now, the reveal is finally here, with the action-adventure game getting a launch date – one that’s surprisingly soon.

For those of you who haven’t played the original game, since it’s nearly 21 years old, you may need a little refresher about why so many are excited about this remaster. First appearing way back in 2003, it combined a bunch of different genres and play styles in a way that was truly groundbreaking, especially for the time. Part action, part puzzle, part stealth, part open-world exploration, it seamlessly melded a bunch of disparate games into one thing, and it did it wonderfully. Also you have a camera and it’s simply a joy as a mechanic to be able to snap off shots of everything around you.

Part of how it became legendary is the game’s brilliant characterization. Jade is a protagonist full of life with clear goals and a bunch of friends who all work together with her to take down the evil DomZ aliens. Particularly amazing is Pey’j, Jade’s porcine pal, who’s probably the best companion in gaming. Or at least, up there.

Now we’re finally going to get a remaster, complete with a ton of improvements and some new content thrown into the mix. Shown off at the Limited Run Games showcase 2024, we finally got the release date for the remaster along with a few glimpses of what to expect.

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Beyond Good and Evil 20th Anniversary Edition will launch on Tuesday June 25th with an additional new physical edition, and you can check it out on all platforms soon. The one thing missing, however, is more information on the sequel – which we await with continued baited breath.

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