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Big Brother bundle promotes privacy and cheap games

Big Brother bundle

If there are two things I like it’s privacy and, well, I’m not going to tell you the second thing. It’s a secret. The folk over at Vodo feel the same way. They’ve teamed up with ex-Wikileaks collaborator Daniel Domscheit-Berg to present a bundle of games, books, and films that address the issue of privacy erosion.

The two games included are I Have No Mouth, And I must Scream and Hacker Evolution: Duality.

The bundle is a pay what you want affair but there are minimum spends for access to everything on offer. I Have No Mouth, And I must Scream is included for anyone who buys the bundle, as is the documentary Secrecy, an EP by Immortal Technique, and the comic book Subatomic.

Beat the average and you can get Hacker Evolution: Duality and the film Shadows of Liberty. Currently that means spending only $2.91.

Domscheit-Berg has curated this bundle and produced the introduction video. He also says “It’s an important time for us all to be thinking about these issues – and this is a great way to get in touch what is going on, collect some great, fun content and support independent creators distributing their work in a truly innovative way.”

The bundle runs until the 18 November and 5% of all earnings go to the privacy-focused charity Fight for the Future. Current campaigns include informing people about the work of the NSA, stopping SOPA, and pushing for changes to copyright law.

You can check out the full details of the bundle over here.