Biomutant Fry-Sparker microwave puzzle locations

Find every microwave location in Biomutant and get new gear

A small rodent with a sword looking at fortress

The Biomutant’s open world contains a lot of location quests and puzzles. One of the first you’ll encounter is the microwave puzzle. Or, as the game calls it, the ‘Fry-Sparker’ puzzle. While most buildings and furniture in Biomutant were destroyed in this apocalypse game, microwaves turn out to be remarkably sturdy. What’s more: they’re stuffed with loot.

The Fry-Sparker location and puzzle quest garners a useful supply of consumables, crafting materials, and gear, so it’s a good idea to complete it. By finding a Fry-Sparker microwave and solving the puzzle, you can expect a reward in the form of an Adrenaline Shot, a new hat, or an add-on for your weapon upgrades in Biomutant. The rarity can range from uncommon to ultimate.

There are a total of five Fry-Sparker microwaves to be found in Biomutant’s ruins. Of course, tracking every microwave and solving the microwave rotation puzzles can be harder than it sounds. If you need some help with the puzzles or you just want to know every microwave location, we’re here to help you out.

How to solve the Fry-Sparker microwave puzzle in Biomutant

After finding a Fry-Sparker in Biomutant, you need to solve a rotation puzzle. Interact with the Fry-Sparker microwave to start the puzzle. There are three or four knobs on the right side of the screen, and the number of remaining moves on the left. Just rotate the microwave knobs in such a way that the white buttons (either squares or arrows) are pointing to other buttons of the same colour.

Look at the picture if you need an example: white is pointing to white, and yellow is pointing to yellow. Every tick to the right or left counts as one ‘move’, so make sure you don’t turn the knobs more than necessary.

Every microwave location in Biomutant

Here’s every Fry-Sparker microwave location. Open the map in the game and move your mouse to find the right sector and coordinates (lower right corner of the screen).

  • Bricktown Fry-Sparker: Sector 4C (7.800, 11.000). Start from the nearby teleport waypoint, then walk towards the west (further into Bricktown) until you see a small square with a tree in the middle. There’s a shop with a cow logo on you left hand; go inside and walk up the stairs. The microwave is right in front of you.
  • Krossway 4E Fry-Sparker: Sector 4E (7.000, -92.000). Go to the teleport waypoint at Krossway 4E (south of the big mountain) and find yourself next to some traders and a campfire. If you turn your back to the campfire, you can see the ruin with the microwave in front of you; just cross the road and enter the house to start the puzzle.
  • Island Fry-Sparker: Sector 3H (81.000, -207.000). There’s a big island east of the Manufactorium and west of the smaller Gaga Grampus Bay island. You can see a bunch of buildings on the south side of this island, which is where you need to go. Beware of the enemies when you explore this town. The house containing the microwave is the northernmost one (heavily damaged walls, no roof).
  • Boulderbroke area Fry-Sparker: Sector 7F (-135.000, -120.000). If you look at the Biomutant map, you can spot some roads and buildings north of Torndown and west of Bangshelter 7F. Follow the road on the northwest side of this small town, and look for a bright blue house. There will also be a damaged truck and some cars in front of this building. Walk in through the front door, then turn around to your left to see the microwave.
  • Blazebase Fry-Sparker: Sector 9M (-233.000, -470.000). This microwave is in the Kluppy Dunes area, which is far more difficult to reach than the previous microwave locations. Don’t try to reach it if you’re just starting out in Biomutant; you need to build your heat resistance and get an oxygen suit first. Once you’re ready to enter the Kluppy Dunes, you’ll find the Blazebase in the north eastern part. Look for the rather large blue building with several floors, then walk upstairs until you reach the top floor. There’s one smaller, separate room there. Go inside to find the fifth and final microwave.

Now you can get to the best part: crafting some epic gear with all your new materials!