Biomutant Flush-Stool toilet puzzle locations

Solve the rotation puzzles and get some new clothes from an old toilet

After entering the world of Biomutant for the first time, you’ll find yourself searching for toilets (and no, not for the reason you think). Toilets are considered a type of Old-World Gadget by our furry Biomutant friends, and for good reason: they are full of loot. Oh, and in case you’re wondering, toilets and ‘Flush-Stools’ are the same thing.

Finding your first toilet will automatically start the Flush-Stool side quest. You can check your Journal at any time to see how many toilets you still need to find. Although there are only five toilets in total on the Biomutant map, finding all of them provides a nice stack of weapon parts, clothing, and other items. The only thing left to do once you find a toilet, is complete the toilet rotation puzzle.

Naturally, finding the toilets and solving the rotation puzzles require some effort, as they are scattered across the open world. To save you some time, we’ve listed every toilet location on the map.

A successfully completed rotation puzzle

How to solve the Flush-Stool toilet puzzle in Biomutant

The Flush-Stool toilet puzzles are rotation puzzles, meaning that you need to turn the pipe-tighteners (the little wheels) into the correct position to solve them. As you can see on the left side of your screen, there’s a limit to the number of moves you can make. One turn is equal to one move, so make sure you don’t rotate the pipe-tighteners too much.

The solution to the toilet puzzles in Biomutant is simple: all white stripes need to connect with other white stripes, and all yellow stripes need to connect with yellow stripes.

Every Flush-Stool location in Biomutant

You can use the Sector number and coordinates to find the correct location. Just open the Biomutant map inside the game, the Sector and coordinates are in the lower right corner of your screen.

  • Bricktown Flush-Stool: Sector 4C (7.500, 12.000). This area is in the southern part of the map. Go to the Bricktown teleport, then walk to the west. There’s a small square with a tree in the middle, and another tree right after that. Left of the second tree, there’s a shop with pink and blue paint; go inside until you can go no further, then turn to your right and go downstairs. The toilet is behind the metal door.
  • Boulderbroke area Flush-Stool: Sector 7F (-125.000, -127.000). The town is located east of Boulderbroke and north of Torndown (you’ll see it next to some rocks on the map). Go to the buildings in the north eastern part of town. There’s a very heavily-damaged house here; you can easily spot the toilet from outside the house.
  • Thoroughfare Flush-Stool: Sector 5J (-2.000, -315.000). Look for the Thoroughfare town in the Knupstonies area of the Biomutant map (right side). It’s east of the larger road and west of Granito Outpost. Just follow the road into town and you will see an old diner with a cow logo at the end. The toilet is in the small room on the left.
  • Clearway Flush-Stool: Sector 7L (-107.000, -440.000). Clearway is located in the Mushimosh Mire area (northeast on the map). It’s east of the H-Two-O Outpost and west of the large rocky area with the Fluff Hulk Nest. Once again, you need to enter the building with the cow logo. The toilet is at the back, on the left side.
  • Aerodome Flush-Stool: Sector (-320.000, -376.000). You can find the Aerodome in the northern part of the Kluppy Dunes, west of the Blazebase. The toilet is inside the large building just north of the square-shaped road. Note that you can’t visit this area right away; you need to unlock the Gullblimp through the Lobo questline first.

As if that’s not enough, you also need to smash a wall before you can reach the toilet. Look for the damaged wall, equip your Klonkfist (which you will get in early game), and smash it with your melee attack.

Now you know where to find and complete all the toilet puzzles in Biotmutant, learn how to upgrade your gun, and choose the best Biomutant class.