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BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea Episode 2 trailer is a collage of scintillating spoilers

This is not the old friend in question. His cameo came in Episode 1.

Oh, umm. I can barely speak for spoilers. The required playing necessary to watch the following trailer without revealing an errant plot point or two equals at least 17 Wolf of Wall Streets. BioShock, BioShock: Infinite, Burial at Sea Part 1 – hell, having harpooned your way through BioShock 2 couldn’t hurt either.

The rewards are arguably worth it: our first look through the eyes of a new protagonist, and the shock return of an old, er, friend.

Once more, just in case: spoilers-spoilers-spoilers-times-infinity-plus-one.

Okay – let’s take a look.

We’re Elizabeth! And that’s a plasticky-faced Atlas, inexplicably speaking in his fake accent! And Booker’s alive, or at the very least a presence, feeding words into Lizzy’s ear.

As is typical of BioShock post-Infinite, it’s confusing, a little convoluted and hinged on a multi-dimensional conceit you either find compelling or you don’t.

An older Rapture, for a new decade. Qualms or no, there’s no true BioShock fan who doesn’t feel just a little giddy at the prospect of having Atlas’ voice at the other end of a radio again. Is there?

With no release date in sight, we’re left to cling to the fact that Infinite’s Season Pass concludes on March 31. You can buy Episode 1 and 2, plus sky-set combat scenario pack Clash in the Clouds, for $19.99.

Our Steve called Burial at Sea Episode 1 “two very different games struggling to find common ground”. Do you agree?

Thanks, Eurogamer.