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BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea’s first five minutes are here to watch, if you like


Right here in this post, I’m providing you with all the tools to experience the opening of Burial at Sea ahead of time. To witness Irrational’s return to Rapture after six years outside of its proper context. To ogle the first meeting of a Humphrey Bogart Booker with a Mary Astor Elizabeth, and then have to go back to work. To watch the first five minutes of a BioShock story, widely considered to be the best bit, and be impatiently tapping the left mouse button once you finally play the thing.

You go ahead. I think I’ll just wait here.

Oh, you’re back. What’s the verdict, then: was it good? How wet was the water? How deco the art?

Burial at Sea will be split into two parts, the first of which is due to arrive “before the Holiday”.