BioShock Infinite’s Columbia revealed, after a fashion


Zachary Comstock. Zachary Hale Comstock.


Roll the syllables around; let them loll about on your tongue, reclining in its moist redness. This name is to become as familiar to you as Andrew Ryan’s – for it was Comstock who took to the skies in the 1890s with his disciples on Columbia’s maiden, still ongoing voyage. And it is he who is the elusive star of BioShock Infinite’s latest promotional snippet.

Very clever this: a cheesily contemporary, Fortean Times-style TV documentary about the myths and whereabouts of Comstock’s flying city, which is apparently still bobbing about somewhere above us. Observe:

It occurs to me that a puritan society would be hard pressed to find a better place to look down on others than a skybound ark. Did you notice any details that might help Columbia reveal itself to us?

Failing that, we could just read our Steve’s hands-on with BioShock Infinite. Yes. Let’s do that.