Bioshock Infinite VGAs trailer is skyrailin’ USA


Our latest look at Bioshock Infinite opens, just like our first glimpse did two years ago, with a cheeky nod to the iconography of Rapture. A steel door opens and we’re dropped into a blue-grey nautical interior, starkly lit and decorated by hundreds of rivets. Protagonist Booker DeWitt enters a bronze lift as we did the Lighthouse bathysphere, and then – and then the bottom falls out.

I’ve mostly spent the last two years getting my head around these skyrail sequences – at once literally on-rails, and yet enablers of tactically vertiginous scrapes and escapes. I think I’ll still find myself longing for Dishonored’s Blink teleport ability, as I have in every first-person game since.

And then there’s Elizabeth – as yet ambiguous,bold, well-animated and raised on a diet of Homer and quantum mechanics. Much like Infinite itself.

Another thing: those devil-hatted chaps just gobble up those bullets, don’t they?

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