BioShock Infinite’s video and graphics options in full


Menu screens! Options! Configurations! BioShock Infinite on PC is teeming with the things, so I’ve probed every video and graphics option available to bring you an exhaustive rundown of the sequel’s tinkerability. Peruse it at your leisure. Imagine yourself dialling things up, scaling things down. Do what you must with the information I have to offer (keeping in mind that these graphics options may change before release, so say Irrational).

So this is what you see when you hit Escape in BioShock Infinite and click on Video Options:

  • Display mode ( Windowed / Full Screen / Windowed (Full Screen) )
  • Aspect ratio
  • Screen resolution
  • Unlock framerate
  • Brightness settings
  • Field of View ( Scalable bar, on-screen FOVupdates in realtime as you drag)
  • Visual margins
  • Art subtitles ( Shows subtitles when you mouse over in-game text around the world, eg. posters, signs)
  • Enemy health bars
  • Highlight searchable objects
  • Highlight important objects
  • Graphics Quality ( Can choose from presets ranging from ‘Very Low’ to ‘Ultra’, or can be set to ‘Custom’, unlocking the options)
  • Anti-aliasing ( On / Off )
  • Texture detail ( From ‘Very Low’ to ‘Ultra’ )
  • Texture filtering( From ‘Very Low’ to ‘Ultra’ )
  • Dynamic shadows
  • Post-processing quality
  • Light shafts
  • Ambient occlusion
  • Object level-of-detail

The following options are available in the Gameplay Options menu:

  • Difficulty
  • Reduce gore
  • Floating combat text ( Numbers signifying damage will ping out of enemy heads )
  • Adaptive training ( Intelligent tutorial pop-ups )
  • Enable Steam Cloud
  • Sky-line control panel ( On-screen controls while riding the sky-lines )
  • Enable HUD markers ( Such as prompts to press F when Elizabeth throws you items )

For good measure, here’s the spec of the PC on which I played BioShock Infinite. It ran at a solid 60fps at 1920 x 1080, withmost graphics options pushed to maximum (anything that could be bumped up to ‘Ultra’ was instead set to ‘Very High’, one notch below). It lookedvery pretty indeed:

  • nVidia GTX 670
  • Core i5 3570K (3.4GHz)
  • 16GB Ram
  • Win 7 64-bit