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Bioshock: The Collection PC release tomorrow - here’s when, and the console launch trailer

BioShock: The Collection release times

Bioshock’s coming back and looking as good as you remember. The pair of HD remasters are hitting PC tomorrow, September 15, and released on console yesterday. That means there’s a brand new trailer, which you can see above, and detailed release times for when you can either pick up the new versions or will see your old games upgraded.

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If you’ve missed out on what’s happening, we broke down how you can get your copies of Bioshock remastered last week. Essentially, both the original game and its sequel are getting free updates on PC, but if you own the original discs there’s some hoops to jump through to confirm it with 2K. Infinite isn’t getting an upgrade because it already runs and looks great on our platform. Hooray / boo, delete as appropriate.

This all kicks off tomorrow, September 15, at 15:00 Pacific time. In other areas of the world, that’s:

  • 18:00 Eastern
  • 23:00 British
  • Midnight for most of Europe
  • 08:00 the next day in Sydney, Australia

Bioshock HD and BioShock 2 HD will show up in your Steam library as separate entries at this time. While that means you’ll need to do a significant amount of re-downloading, it does leave the originals still there to be returned to if you feel like some retro 800*600 gaming.