BioShock gets a new mod that unlocks the frame rate on animations – farewell, choppy waters


If you’re one of those people who just can’t stand looking at anything that’s sub 60fps, there’s a new mod for an eight year old game that’s just for you.

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You might have noticed that it’s not just the Splicers that move erratically in BioShock’s dystopia. That’s because all animations and physics are capped at 30fps, giving everything a jarring stuttering effect.

It’s much more noticeable when held up against today’s standards, but thankfully there’s a new mod just released that lets you bump animations up to the dizzying heights of 144fps.

Not even the trailer can manage that, though you can watch it in 60fps and 1080p by clicking through below:

It’s a tiny, tiny mod at just 4 bytes, and can be downloaded here. Instructions to download the mod can be found on Steam.