Bioware man wore t-shirt advertising new series to GDC, "no one batted an eyelid" | PCGamesN

Bioware man wore t-shirt advertising new series to GDC, "no one batted an eyelid"

Dragon Age: Inquisition

It’s not the conventional way for EA to make an announcement, but it certainly beats an email ahead of an investor call. Fans are frantically searching for images of Bioware staffer Alistair McNally, after the design and art head covertly revealed a new series from the seminal RPG studio. 

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Bioware were in San Francisco last week, nominally for a Dragon Age: Inquisition postmortem at GDC. But McNally took the opportunity to air an unannounced project - emblazoned on his t-shirt.

While GDC attendees rifle through their photos for glimpses of the wandering designer, we’re left to speculate. McNally’s role encompasses the work of Bioware’s studios in Edmonton, Montreal and Austin, so it’s tough to narrow down the possibilities.

Two E3s ago, the company talked about a new “contemporary” game, unrelated to previous efforts, in the works at Edmonton. And before his move to Beamdog, Dragon Age lead writer David Gaider had moved onto an unannounced project at the original Bioware studio.

Meanwhile, The Old Republic’s Bioware Austin are hiring for something new. Their last step into the unknown, Shadow Realms, was cancelled before we could get to grips with its co-op dungeoneering.

What new thing would you like to see emerge from ye olde Bioware?

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QDP2 avatarRealo Foxtrot: Kitten avatar
QDP2 Avatar
2 Years ago

Honestly, I'm shocked he managed to get through GDC without ending up on camera at some point during the event :P

Shame, but I doubt it had the Title's name on it, most likely only artwork. Guess we'll have to all wait for the announcement, since I doubt that with this attention any of them will be able to pull these stunts again without getting noticed.

Realo Foxtrot: Kitten Avatar
2 Years ago

This isn't really remarkable...

Think about walking around ina shirt like this:

and then imagine if that was the artwork for your new IP.... yeah, you wouldn't bat an eyelid