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Bit.Trip Runner 3 mixes more rhythm action with endless running and the voice of Mario

Runner 3

Charles Martinet, who you know thanks to a certain Italian plumber over at Nintendo, is returning to narrate Bit.Trip Runner 3, the sequel to the critically acclaimed rhythm runner.

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Bit.Trip Runner is an abstract rhythm game where you constantly pelt it across a 2D plane, bounding and collecting and avoiding peril, all in time to a hypnotic soundtrack.

You can expect more of that in the upcoming sequel, though the developers will probably throw in a few surprises for fans. I can only speculate, as so far they’ve only released this teaser:

We know Charles Martinet is returning, thanks to a tweet from Choice Provisions, formerly known as Gaijin Games.

Other than that, we know it’s coming out in 2017. Until then, you could always revisit Bit.Trip Runner 2, which is currently 50% off on Steam.