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Black Desert Online is getting a new class and the most OP weapon ever

Black Desert Online is coming up on its tenth anniversary, so the team at Pearl Abyss is celebrating the MMO with an entirely new class.

Black Desert Online Dosa: a man with silver hair in a blue robe, with a sword across the back of their neck and a pipe in hand

As MMORPG Black Desert Online sneakily celebrates its tenth anniversary, developer Pearl Abyss reveals a brand new playable class coming to the game soon. There’s even a new expansion on the horizon, alongside the reveal of the highest-tier weapon in the entire game.

New character and class Dosa wields a sword and a pipe in Black Desert Online, with the latter summoning ghostly fighters to help out during combat. Dosa’s sword is the Hwando, with the gombangdae pipe also using smoke to help the fighter deceive their enemies. With some stellar drip and sass, Dosa’s gameplay trailer shows off the frenetic dashing and blue trails of magic he uses, giving me massive FF14 Reaper vibes.

We also learned about the next expansion coming to the MMORPG, Land of the Morning Light: Seoul, which will be based on South Korea’s Hwanghae province. There are ten new bosses with new health recovery mechanics, resurrection changes, and even more. Once the expansion’s story is complete you explore the Gyeongbok Palace, which has the brand new Palace management system.

“This new system offers players the ability to process and complete trade items, deliver finished products to merchants, and keep a ‘tab’ on the changing production material nodes for an enjoyable, profitable, side hustle,” Pearl Abyss writes.

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A new primordial-grade weapon called Sovereign is also coming to Black Desert Online, which will be the highest-tier weapon in the MMO when it arrives on North American and European servers this fall (Wednesday August 7 in Korea).

Seasonal hardcore PvP servers are also on the way. Starting at level 60, when you die in these servers you’re sent to a holding cell, where you need to wait to escape or fight other players in one-on-one bouts to get out.

Black Desert Online’s 28th class, Dosa, will join the MMO starting Wednesday July 3. You can find Black Desert on Steam right here.

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