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Black Desert Online update brings huge class tweaks to the MMO

The MMORPG's primary skill reboot is here as part of a big patch that introduces 92 changes

Black Desert Online classes come together on a castle

Pearl Abyss has introduced 93 updates to MMO Black Desert Online in its latest patch, which comes in at 869.73 MB in size if you’re curious. While the update touches on many things, the lion’s share is dedicated to the much-anticipated class tweaks.

Before we get into the classes themselves, there are specific character changes that should benefit many. The team has fixed an issue where your movements would appear abnormal if you got struck with knockback or stiffness debuffs while engaged in life skill actions like moving or reloading. An issue that caused your screen to rotate around your character if you reloaded the matchlock has also been “improved”.

As for the classes themselves, you’ve got changes to the warrior, ranger, sorceress, and much more. The warrior’s spinning flash attack should now give the appropriate critical hit rate buff in PvP, and black spirit’s rage skills have been changed up – with damage reduction in PvP being changed accordingly. The warrior isn’t the only class to have its black spirit skills changed, though, as the sorceress, berserker, tamer, and others have got some TLC.

You can catch the full list of changes here, or catch a teaser in the video below if you like your information in a visual format.

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