MMORPG Black Desert Online’s Valentine’s event is here

Black Desert Online's Valentine's Day event Lucky Chocolates is live, with lots of rewards up for grabs through raffle events that go live soon

February 14 is fast approaching, which means Valentine’s Day-themed events for all the biggest and best PC games are beginning to go live. Final Fantasy XIV’s Valentione’s Day event (yep, that’s the correct spelling) is in full swing, GTA Online has got its own round of Valentine’s content, and now it’s MMORPG Black Desert Online’s turn.

This year’s event is live as of now until March 9, so you’re getting a good few weeks’ worth of fun. While Black Desert Online is celebrating Valentine’s Day 2022, players will find they get some new log-in rewards 60 minutes after hopping in, such as one called Box Full O’Love, whose icon is a suitably sentimental, heart-shaped box of chocolates. These boxes are for using as raffle tickets to participate in contests that will go live as of February 14, and you can earn up to ten boxes each day.

Rewards that’ll be on offer during the raffle-style events will include an Epheria Carrack Box, TET (IV) Blackstar Weapon Box, TET (IV) Black Distortion Earring, 5000 Capras Stones, and a Dream Horse Box, among other things. While the items are subject to change before February 16 rolls around, you can check out the full list of goodies up for grabs on the game’s site.

There will only be a set number of rewards for the raffle events, and once winners have been chosen and then claimed their items, these will be shown as ‘sold out’. “All Adventurers will have the same set probability of winning each item,” developer Pearl Abyss explains, and “your probability of winning the item will not increase or decrease when another Adventurer wins”.

If you don’t win in an event, you’ll still get to walk away with a little something, though. You’ll automatically get a Box Full O’ Sweets reward – an item that’s different to Boxes Full O’ Love, but will be equal to the number of these that were used in your event entry. These ‘converted’ Boxes Full O’ Sweets can then be exchanged for other items if you head to NPC Lara in Heidel. At the bottom end of the list, you can swap one Box Full O’ Sweets for a single Cron Stone, while at the top end – worth 150 Boxes and only allowed once per family – you can nab one Advice of Valks (+80).

“If you do not wish to participate in the raffle, you can exchange the [Event] Box Full O’ Love for [Event] Box Full O’ Sweets with NPC Lara in Heidel after the maintenance on February 16,” Pearl Abyss explains. So, you have plenty of options. If you’re after the full details on the event, you can head the game’s site at the link in the story above.