Best Black Friday gaming monitor deals

Cyber Monday has come to a close, but there are still great gaming monitor deals to be had from the likes of Acer, Alienware, BenQ, Gigabyte, and LG

Black Friday gaming monitor deals are running rampant

The humble gaming monitor has come a long way in the past few years, and now PC gamers are blessed with all sorts of options, from gorgeous IPS panels with sublime colours to curved displays that fully immerse you in your favourite game worlds.

For the competitively minded among you, you really can’t afford to put off upgrading to one of the best gaming monitors with a high refresh rate. The difference between a 60Hz and 144Hz display is night and day, and you’ll find the smoother picture will help you enter any gunfight in a game like CS:GO or Rainbow Six Siege with confidence. It doesn’t matter how good your gaming PC is if you’re still playing on a display with washed-out colours and a refresh rate that can’t keep up with your framerate.

While the thriftiest of you might want to wait for Black Friday 2022 to grab a new gaming monitor, some of this year’s offerings are still available, so you should snatch them up before they scamper off.

Here are the best Cyber Monday gaming monitor deals:

Samsung Odyssey CRG5 gaming monitorBUY NOW

SAMSUNG Odyssey CRG5 – 56% off

The Samsung Odyssey is a great entry-level gaming monitor. It’s a 24-inch VA panel that should help provide deeper black levels for enhanced contrast, at a sharp 1080p resolution. In terms of gaming credentials, the Odyssey G5 has a 144Hz refresh rate and supports FreeSync, making it an ideal candidate for any competitive gamer. You can buy it at Best Buy by clicking here.


LG 27GL850-B – 30% off

LG is an industry leader when it comes to making great displays, and its LG 27GL850-B gaming monitor is no exception. It features a 1440p resolution IPS panel that supports HDR10, meaning you can enjoy colour accurate games in both SDR and HDR. It also has Nvidia GSync and a 144Hz refresh rate, so you won’t ever have to worry about screen tearing getting in the way of your gaming sessions. You can buy it at Best Buy by clicking here.


ASUS TUF FHD 280hZ gaming monitor – 30% off

QHD and 4K UHD resolutions can make your games pop, but they often come with a less impressive refresh rate. So, if you’d rather your games feel buttery smooth, Asus’ TUF 24.5 inch monitor is an impressive 1080p 280Hz panel that should pair nicely with the best FPS games. With 1ms response times, you’ll be able to play games like Call of Duty: Warzone at peak performance, and the screen’s G-Sync compatibility should pretend frame tearing and stutters.

WHEN IS Black Friday 2022?

Cyber Monday has come to a close, so if you’re looking to grab a great holiday deal, you might need to wait for next year’s Black Friday event, which takes place on November 25 2022.


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The best gaming monitor deals

The best gaming monitor deals will rear their head again during Black Friday 2022, but if you’re lucky, you might find the perfect panel before next year’s big event. We’re always on the hunt for great deals, so be sure to keep an eye out for highlighted products throughout the year.

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