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Looking for a new gaming PC? Grab yourself a great discount on a new prebuilt gaming PC right now

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If you’re just getting started with PC gaming and aren’t sure how to build a gaming PC, then prebuilt machines are a great place to start, with a large variety of available options sure to cater to your budget. Even veteran PC builders can benefit from a ready-made PC’s convenience, as you don’t have to search through compatibility lists or twiddle your thumbs for multiple component deliveries. We’ve put together a list of the best gaming PC Black Friday deals, whatever your previous experience, to help you level up your gaming performance.

Given how much gaming PCs can cost, it’s important to understand what the most crucial components are for your gaming needs. For example, the best graphics cards are an absolute must if you’re bagging yourself one of the best gaming monitors with 4K resolution and high refresh rates. However, if you’re planning on streaming or video editing in addition to gaming, then you might want to consider making the best gaming CPU a high priority.

Then there are other niceties such as SSDs, which can offer improved loading times over hard drives, but you should consider how much storage space you require for all your games and those enormous Call of Duty: Warzone updates.

Here are the best Black Friday gaming PC deals:

When is Black Friday 2022?

With Black Friday now behind us, Cyber Monday 2021 has taken over and will last all weekend. You’ll have until the end of November 29 to grab yourself a Cyber Monday deal before prices revert back to normal, so don’t hang around if you spot something that takes your fancy.

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How to find the best Black Friday deals

Cyber Monday 2021 is now behind us, but it’s no secret when Black Friday 2022 will land if you want to look ahead. The sales extravaganza will kick off on November 25, but we’ll collect all the best Black Friday deals onto a single page before November even begins, given that sales start to crop up earlier and earlier every year.

If console deals are more your jam, you might want to head over to our friends at The Loadout or Pocket Tactics, as they’ll shine a spotlight on all things Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch.

There are plenty of other deals to watch out for, too, including the best Black Friday gaming chair deals, the best Black Friday deals for 4K TVs from our friends at The Loadout, and even Black Friday controller deals from our smartphone sister site, Pocket Tactics.

The CLX Set Gaming DesktopCHECK PRICES

CLX SET Desktop gaming PC – $290 off

There’s plenty to love about this CLX SET gaming PC which is currently $300 off and offers great value at $1,869.99. It packs a Ryzen 5 3600 CPU and an Nvidia RTX 3060 Ti graphics card – which are the perfect combo to let you really turn up the levels of graphical fidelity with ray tracing while saving on performance with Nvidia DLSS. 16GB of RAM helps to round off this solid package alongside a 240GB SSD and 2TB HDD that offers plenty of storage space for all the latest titles.

how much ram do i need?

We’d recommend going for no less than 8GB of RAM, the minimum required for many of the latest PC games. 16GB is the smartest choice, ensuring you run into no hiccups when multitasking. While 32GB of RAM is arguably overkill for gaming, it’s definitely a good idea if you’ll be carrying out resource-intensive tasks such as video editing.

when should i upgrade my gaming pc?

There’s no hard rule on when to upgrade, as rigs with older GPUs are still more than capable of running new titles if you’re willing to turn down the graphics options a little. It all depends on how happy you are with performance, and whether you’re taking full advantage of the refresh rate on your current monitor.

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