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Cyber Monday 2018 PC deals – AMD RX 580 8GB for £191, and a six-core Ryzen for £145

The Cyber Monday consumergasm continues, and these are our favourite PC component deals right now

Black Friday PC deals 2018

As sure as tick follows tock, Cyber Monday follows Black Friday. And, whatever your feelings about the now-yearly consumergasm, it’s potentially a great time to bag yourself some serious Cyber Monday PC deals… if you’re smart about it.

This whole Black Friday period is an exciting time to be PC tech enthusiast – it’s a great opportunity to find a bargain on that one component or peripheral you’ve been meaning to pick up all year, but finding the genuine deals in a mire of stock dumping nonsense can be tricky. And there’s also the fact it still feels a little dirty in that whole rampant-consumerism-gone-mad kinda way.

But we’re here to stop you from having to run the shopping gauntlet alone, or having to trawl the internet to find the best PC gaming deals – we’re doing that for you. Ain’t we good to you? Throughout today there will be various new Cyber Monday PC deals being dropped, and we’ll be keeping you up to date with them throughout the day. Who knows, there may also be some great deals still floating around from Black Friday too.

We’ve split out the Cyber Monday PC deals into different categories to help make it a little more manageable to navigate, and we’ll be surfacing what we think are the very best deals in each category right here.

Black Friday graphics card deals

Cyber Monday graphics card deals

After a horrible couple of years, where graphics card pricing has been brutalised by the bloody cryptocurrency gold rush, relative stability is coming back to the GPU world. Despite there being a collapse in demand from the miners, the graphics card makers had already started upping their manufacturing efforts, and that means there are a lot of cards sitting in the channels…


PowerColor RX 570 4GB Red Dragon | $140 – 22% off at Newegg

No rebates, just a powerful GPU for less than MSRP and, more importantly, less than the lower performing GTX 1050 Ti. A great budget graphics card.

Sapphire RX 570 4GB | $155 – 30% off at Amazon US
Once again Newegg outplays Amazon, but these deals could change quick, so having a back-up option is always worth it.

PowerColor Red Dragon RX 580 8GB | $190 – 42% off at Newegg
If you can spare a little more budget for your graphics card, the RX 580 is the best mainstream card going.

Sapphire AMD RX Vega 64 | $400 – 20% off at Newegg
Right now you can pick up AMD’s fully-equipped RX Vega 64 graphics card for the MSRP of its little sibling, the RX Vega 56.


UK deals

PowerColor RX 580 8GB | £191 – at Amazon UK

While most of the RX 580 cards have crept above $200 there are still a couple of cards around for a little less.

Sapphire Radeon RX 580 8GB | £207 – 28% off at Overclockers 
The 8GB RX 580 is our favourite graphics card right now, and this Sapphire version has a decent cooler and serious gaming performance to boot.

Asus GTX 1060 OC Edition | £220 – 16% off at Amazon
An overclocked GTX 1060 for only a little more than the price of an RX 580 isn’t a bad deal at all if you are hardened GeForce gamer.

EVGA GTX 1060 6GB  SC Gaming | £230 – 18% off at Scan
The GTX 1060 was our previous favourite mainstream GPU, and this is a good price for a small form factor version.

MSI GTX 1070 8GB Armor OC Ed | £330 – 15% off at Scan 
The new Turing cards may be out, but the cheapest of those is still £500, which makes this a decent price for a GTX 1070, especially for a card that is surprisingly capable at 4K.

Asus RX Vega 64 | £410 – 22% off at Scan
If you want the fastest GPU AMD has to offer right now, then the Vega 64 is that card. And at this price it’s as cheap as it’s likely to get.

Black Friday CPU deals

Cyber Monday CPU deals

Historically Intel chips don’t really get much in the way of price drops, whether around Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or ever. Just look at the way its chips still hold their value second-hand on Ebay. That said, the Core i5 8400 might just get a little reduction, so it could be worth keeping an eye on that one. But it’s the AMD Ryzen, particularly the first-gen chips, which are getting some serious price cuts.

US deals

AMD Ryzen 5 2600 | $160 – 20% off at Amazon US

It’s the top gaming CPU in our reckoning right now, and with its current price cuts that only makes for a more tantalising, overclockable, six-core prospect.

AMD Ryzen 5 2600 | $160 – 14% off at Newegg
If the Amazon price goes up or stock vanishes the Newegg price is still a good shout for AMD’s excellent six-core CPU.

AMD Ryzen 7 1700X | $190 – at Newegg
Compared with its MSRP, this is an eight-core CPU at almost half its price. Actually its original MSRP was $100 more, making it less than half the price. Still a great chip at a fantastic price.

UK deals

AMD Ryzen 5 2600 | £145 – 20% off at Scan

Our favourite gaming CPU of the moment is a fantastic price right now – the same as Intel’s quad-core i3. It’s got 12-threads, is overclockable and a great price.

AMD Ryzen 5 1600X | £150 – 40% off at Amazon UK 
Once the best gaming CPU around, only just replaced by the second-gen 2000-series Ryzen chips, the 1600X is a decent price right now.

AMD Ryzen 7 1700 | £145 – 47% off at Scan 
For just £5 more than the six-core 2600 you can upgrade to a full eight-core, 12-thread CPU. If you’re into your streaming or video editing that’s a bargain.

AMD Ryzen 3 1200 | £74 – 22% off at Scan
If you’re just after a budget CPU then the quad-core, four-thread Ryzen is a bargain right now, and is still overclockable even at this price.

Intel Core i7 8350K | £140 – 22% off at Scan 
The cheapest Coffee Lake gaming chip on the market still requires you to pick up a new motherboard, but the 8350K is an overclockable K-series with Intel’s gaming heritage.

Black Friday SSD deals

cyber monday SSD deals

We’re putting our money behind there being some considerable Black Friday/Cyber Monday SSD deals out and about this year. For longest time the dominant narrative has been that memory prices are costing both SSDs and system memory beyond the wallets of most of us PC gamers, but a slump in demand and a subsequent oversupply of memory means the prices of SSDs has started to fall.

US deals

Samsung 860 EVO 500GB | $73 – 34% off at Amazon US

Samsung 860 EVO 1TB | $128 – 36% off at Amazon US
Samsung makes the best SATA-based SSD around and it’s a fantastic price over at Amazon right now, whichever capacity you go for.

Crucial MX500 500GB | $65 – 13% off at Amazon US
A great SATA drive, capable of almost keeping up with the more expensive Samsung options. A very worthy SSD alternative.

Intel 660p 1TB | $166 – 17% off at Amazon US 
One of the first QLC SSDs, and now one of the best-value NVMe drives around too.

WD Black 500GB | $140 – 39% at Amazon US
A genuinely speedy, high-capacity NVMe drive that can give Samsung’s best a run for their money.

Samsung 970 EVO 500GB | $120 – 20% off at Amazon US
Fast, affordable, and featuring some of the best NVMe SSD tech around – a great high-speed boot drive.

Samsung T5 500GB | $98 – 25% off at Amazon US
One of the best portable SSDs on the market, and at less than $100 it’s a great price if you need lightning-fast storage on the go.

UK deals

Samsung 860 EVO 250GB | £54 – 26% off at Amazon UK

Samsung 860 EVO 500GB | £79 – 41% off at Amazon UK

Samsung 860 EVO 1TB | £165 – 36% off at Amazon UK
Whatever capacity you’re looking at the best Samsung SATA drive around is looking like a great deal on Amazon right now!

Crucial MX500 500GB | £62 – 17% off at Amazon UK

Crucial MX500 1TB | £137 – 36% off at Amazon UK
The closest competitor to Samsung has got some of its best SSDs undercutting its main rivals with 500GB and massive 1TB SATA drives.

Intel 660p SSD 512GB | £89 – 11% off at Overclockers

Intel 660p SSD 1TB | £159 – 24% off at Overclockers
One of the first QLC drives, and a bargain high-capacity NVMe SSD to boot. One of the quickest, cheapest NVMe drives around.

Samsung 970 EVO 1TB | £210 – 23% off at Amazon UK
If you’re after super-fast NVMe storage then the 970 EVO is where it’s at and at a fantastic price right now.

Black Friday gaming monitor deals

cyber monday gaming monitor deals

If you’re looking for a second monitor or have had your eye on that 1440p 144Hz panel for a while, just waiting for enough of a discount to make grab your credit card, then we may just have some great monitor deals for you…

us deals

Asus VN248H-P 24-inch | $90 at Newegg

An IPS panel with a full 1080p native resolution and a 24-inch panel for less than $100. Don’t mind if I do.

LG 25UM56-P 22-inch | $149 – 26% off at Newegg
This is a decent price for an ultrawide IPS panel, with a 2560 x 1080 native resolution it will be seriously engaging for games.

Samsung C27F398 27-inch | $156 – 29% off at Newegg
A FreeSync genuine Samsung panel, with a 1080p native res and an eye-catching curve. Mmm, glossy.

BenQ EL2870U 28-inch | $405 – 10% off at Amazon US
These large-screen 4K TNs have far better image quality than the old-school 24-inch versions, making this 4K FreeSync screen is good value.

Acer Predator X27 27-inch | $1,700 – 15% off at Newegg
One of the most advanced panels ever made for gaming, with a 144Hz, 4K G-Sync HDR screen and a 1,000nits peak luminance level. Blinding.

UK deals

Acer V247bip 24-inch | £85 – 37% off at Laptops Direct

A fantastic price for a solid 1080p IPS screen. It may not have the refresh rate you might desire, but it’s got a quality panel and all the inputs.

BenQ GW2270H 21.5-inch | £91 – at Amazon UK
Just over £70 for a 1080p VA monitor? That’s a seriously good price for a surprisingly good panel.

MSI Optix MAG27C 27-inch | £270 – 23% off at Amazon UK
Want your gaming screen curved? The 1080p MSI FreeSync screen delivers that with a 1ms response time and a 144Hz refresh.

MSI Optix MPG27CQ 27-inch | £400 – 16% off at Overclockers
If you want all that with a VA panel and a 1440p native refresh resolution then Overclockers have you covered.

Black Friday gaming headset deals

Cyber Monday gaming headset deals

Treat your ears to a quality new gaming headset this Cyber Monday, as there are going to be a whole lot of exciting peripheral deals going down over the next few days. And we’ll bring you the best.

US deals

HyperX Cloud Alpha | $75 – 25% off at Amazon US

Though if the blue design doesn’t float your boat, the standard red Alpha headset is still a bargain price at $75.

Corsair HS50 | $40 – 20% off at Amazon US
These excellent budget cans were impressive at their standard MSRP, and are even more so now with this deal.

UK deals

HyperX Cloud Alpha | £70 – 23% off at Amazon UK

Hands-down the best gaming headset around is available for an incredible price. Do yourself a favour and grab one right now!

Turtle Beach Recon 150 | £28 – 44% off at Turtle Beach
An absolute bargain for a solid gaming headset with 50mm drivers and Turtle Beach’s gaming heritage.

Logitech G430 | £48 – 32% off at Amazon UK
A fantastic price for a 7.1 virtual surround sound gaming headset, with Logitech’s peripheral heritage.

Roccat Khan AIMO | £70 – 42% off at Amazon UK
The excellent Hi-Res audio-capable, 7.1 surround sound toting Roccat headset is a serious deal right now.

Turtle Beach Elite Pro | £135 – 21% off at Turtle Beach
The top-end Turtle Beach PC headset has a decent mic, good drivers, and an ear-cup system that’s perfect for glasses wearers.

SteelSeries Arctis Pro w/ amp | £200- 33% off at Overclockers
The wired version of SteelSeries’ Hi-Res headset, including the GameDAC amplifier too.

SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless | £200 – 33% off at Overclockers
One of the best wireless headsets around, with serious Hi-Res audio chops and both 2.4GHz wireless and Bluetooth connections.

Sennheiser GSP 500 w/ GSX1000 | £265 – 32% off at Overclockers
That’s still a lot of cash to spend, but it’s a good deal for one of the best open-backed headsets around with a discrete headphone amp.

Black Friday gaming keyboard deals

cyber monday gaming keyboard/mouse deals

Let’s face it, over the years of bashing your keyboard and mouse to bits you could probably do with picking up something new and shiny, right? And this Cyber Monday could be your best bet for getting a new mouse and keyboard for a decent price.


Corsair K63 | $80 – 27% off at Amazon US

Wireless and mechanical, sporting the classic Cherry MX Red switches, this LED-rich keyboard is a great price.

Corsair K70 LUX | $80 – 33% off at Amazon US
Our favourite mechanical keyboard design is a great price without the otherwise unnecessary RGB LEDs.

Logitech G613 | $65 at Newegg
The wireless Romer-G toting mechanical keyboard will last and last, thanks to its Lightspeed tech giving it months rather than hours of play time.

SteelSeries Rival 650

Corsair Dark Core RGB | $60 – 25% off at Newegg
A very Logitech-looking mouse from Corsair, but that does it no disservice, and now at a more attractive pricepoint too.

UK deals

Corsair K70 LUX | £75 – 35% off at Amazon UK
You don’t need RGB lighting when the actual keyboard is this good. The red LED backlighting and stunning design is more than enough.

Logitech G613 | £100 – 23% off at Amazon UK
Easily one of the best wireless gaming keyboards around, with superfast 2.4GHz wireless or Bluetooth connections and a six month battery life.

Logitech G910 | £120 – 25% off at Amazon UK
This top-end Logitech gaming keyboard offers its best Romer G mechanical switches, discrete media controls, and somewhere for your phone to rest too.

Logitech G900

Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury | £35- 29% off at Amazon UK
A bargain for one of the best gaming mice for serious twitch gamers. It may not have the highest DPI options, but it tracks at 500ips.

Corsair M65 Pro | £40 – 33% off at Amazon UK
The updated M65 features an accurate optical sensor, capable of hitting 12,000DPI and, of course, RGB lighting.

Roccat Kova | £26 – 42% off at Amazon UK
Roccat’s simple, elegant Kova mouse is a good price right now, with a solid Pixart-based optical sensor inside ti.

Razer Basilisk | £50 – 23% off at Amazon UK
A bargain price for a high 16,000DPI sensitivity esports gaming mouse, with all the in-built Razer goodness.

Logitech G900 | £90 – 33% off at Amazon UK
We may be recommending the G903 as the best gaming mouse at the moment, but this is an identical wireless mouse without the wireless charging potential.

Logitech G703 + PowerPlay surface | £155 – 18% off at Amazon UK
Never have to charge your wireless gaming mouse again with Logitech’s seriously impressive PowerPlay kit.

Black Friday controller deals

cyber monday PC controller deals

The keyboard/mouse combo isn’t the only way we game on the PC, there are always the console gamers’ best friend, the gamepad, and the only way to play a serious racing game – the steering wheel. There are a few deals out there right now, so get em while they’re hot!

US deals

Sony DualShock 4 controller | $39 at Amazon US

Not strictly a Cyber Monday deal, but the DS4 is one of the best PC-compatible controllers around, with almost perfect analogue sticks.

Xbox One controller + Wireless Adapter | $56 – 30% off at Amazon US
With the shiny new, ultra small wireless adapter for PC, this is a great bundle for PC gamers looking for a great controller.

UK deals

Sony DualShock 4 controller | £30 at Amazon UK

Not strictly a Cyber Monday deal, but the DS4 is one of the best PC-compatible controllers around, with almost perfect analogue sticks.

Xbox One controller + Wireless Adapter | £50 at Amazon UK
Again, not a specific deal, but the bundle is a good deal for getting seamless wireless control if you prefer the triggers of the Xbox pad.

Razer Wolverine TE controller | £79 – 34% off at Amazon UK
The wired Razer controller has a lovely RGB strip and customisable buttons and triggers, but the Xbox One Elite it is not. Decent price though.

Logitech G29 wheel | £150 – 50% off at Amazon UK
One of the best steering wheels around, with PlayStation branding, but totally PC compatible… and with a rev counter too!

Logitech Driving Force Shifter | £30 – 40% off at Amazon UK
The beautifully made manual shifter adds another level of immersion to your driving sim rig, and is now just £30.

Logitech Saitek X52 Pro

Logitech G Saitek X52 Pro | £110 – 35% off at Amazon UK
Tired of trying to play Elite Dangerous or Star Citizen with a gamepad? Step up to a decent HOTAS setup like this Saitek stick.

Black Friday gaming laptop deals

Cyber monday gaming laptop deals

So you want a cheap gaming laptop? Well you’ve come to the right place. With the Black Friday/Cyber Monday buy-fest now in overdrive, capable laptops for bargain prices are much easier to come by for no reason whatsoever besides bumping those sales figures pre-Christmas.


Asus FX504GE-ES72 | $799 – 20% off at Amazon US

Intel i7 8750H | 8GB RAM | 256GB SSD | GTX 1050 Ti | 15.6-inch screen
A decent 1080p gaming laptop, with an SSD and a powerful six-core Intel processor, and a discrete GPU.

Acer Aspire 7 | $950 – 21% off at Newegg
Intel i7 8750H | 16GB RAM | 256GB SSD | GTX 1060 | 1080p 60Hz
This GTX 1060 workhorse is capable of solid 1080p gaming performance all for under $1,000.

Omen by HP 2018 15-inch | $1,699 – $100 off at Amazon US
Intel i7 8750H | 32GB RAM | 512GB SSD | GTX 1070 | 1080p 144Hz
With exceptional specs this gaming laptop is fully-equipped to deliver fantastic framerates, fully utilising that 144Hz panel.


Asus FX504GM | £1,000 – 16% off at Overclockers UK

Intel i7 8750H | 8GB RAM | 256GB SSD | 1TB HDD | GTX 1060 | 1080p 120Hz
With a six-core/12-thread CPU and GTX 1060, the Asus features a spec sheet perfectly catered to mainstream 1080p gaming.

Gigabyte Aero 15W | £1,600 – 20% off at Overclockers UK
Intel i7 8750H | 16GB RAM | 512GB SSD | GTX 1060 | 1080p 144Hz
For power in a compact and portable machine you can’t get much better than the Gigabyte Aero 15W. This sleek machine ticks all the boxes.

Aero 15W

Acer Nitro 5 | £599 – 20% off at Currys PC World
AMD Ryzen 5 2500U | 8GB RAM | 128GB SSD | 1TB HDD | RX 560X 4GB | 1080p 60Hz
While the Nitro 5 doesn’t quite have the guts to push AAA gaming, it makes for the perfect portable WoW and League machine.

Asus GL504GS | £1,789 – 22% off at Box
Intel i7 8750H | 16GB RAM | 512GB SSD | GTX 1070 | 1080p 144Hz
Thanks to the GTX 1070 stuffed into its slender frame, the Asus GL504GS can fully take advantage of the 1080p panel’s 144Hz refresh rate.


Those are just a few of our favourite deals right now, but we’re updating all the best offers, from GPUs to keyboards, through Cyber Monday. You can also check on the following stores to see what offers they have on Cyber Monday too.

US cyber monday STORES

Amazon PC Gaming Store | Newegg | Best Buy | Walmart
Target | Ebay | Tiger Direct | B&H | Frys

UK cyber monday STORES

Amazon PC Gaming Store | Argos | Overclockers
Currys/PC World | Ebuyer | Scan | BT Shop | Laptops Direct
Microsoft | AO | John Lewis | Very

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