Best Cyber Monday RAM deals

Planning a new build? This key component is a lot cheaper thanks to Cyber Monday

There are not as many bells and whistles to fuss over when picking out Cyber Monday RAM deals when compared to something like the best gaming monitor, but you won’t get very far with a new build without a stick or four of good quality RAM. In case you’re new to all this PC gaming lark, RAM is your system’s short-term memory and you’ll likely need at least 16GB of it in your system to run most modern games at high settings.

That’s not to say that all RAM is the same or that 16GB is the limit. If you aim to run your games alongside a few Chrome tabs and Discord, or you want to dabble in video editing, then 32GB might be necessary – anything less and you can expect the odd hitch in performance when multitasking. Then there’s the clock speed, which is a hotly debated aspect that appears to only make a difference if you’re running on an AMD CPU. The safest bet is to go for a 3,000MHz clock speed setup as a minimum. Oh, and don’t forget there’s a vital choice to be made when it comes to RGB lighting on your RAM. It seems like a ludicrous and unnecessary addition, but there’s no quicker way to tell if you’ve properly clicked in your RAM than being assaulted by flashing colours.

If you are working on a full new build, then you’ll want to see our main roundup of the best Cyber Monday deals, as well as offers on peripherals like the best Cyber Monday gaming headset deals, Cyber Monday gaming keyboard deals, and Cyber Monday gaming mouse deals. Keep reading for our picks of the best RAM deals.

New Black Friday RAM deals are being added all the time, so be sure to check back in for the latest and greatest gaming monitors at a discount. Given that gaming hardware is no stranger to stock issues this year, it might be an idea to subscribe to Amazon Prime, though, as it’ll help you skip the queues with access to new deals 30 minutes early.

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While you have so many choices to make when picking up some new modules, whether you prioritise capacity, speed, or aesthetic, most systems are now running the standard DDR4 module. This means you shouldn’t have to worry about compatibility, but in case some of you are still upgrading, make sure to check what your motherboard supports before diving headfirst into a purchase.

It might not be the flashiest bit of kit in town, but the best deal in the US by far comes in the form of Corsair’s low-profile Vengeance LPX memory – what it lacks in RGB lighting it more than makes up for with compatibility, neatly tucking underneath even the most cumbersome CPU coolers. You can grab 16GB across two sticks at 3,600MHz on Amazon for just $64.99, 43% off its original price.

The best deal for UK folks comes from HyperX’s Predator RAM, which should fit in nicely if your gaming PC is anywhere near your Christmas tree. You can currently get 16GB at 3,200MHz for £102.51, saving you over 39% (£66).

If these don’t suit you, then check out the deals below:

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