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Black Friday SSD deals – 1TB Samsung drive for just $88

There are faster, cheaper, higher capacity drives all on offer in this year's Black Friday sales

PS5 SSD will outperform PC

There is one, often underrated component that can make a massive difference to the performance of your gaming PC, an SSD. It won’t suddenly give your gaming rig another 20fps in the latest games, but if you’re switching from a laggardly spinning platter hard drive the difference in general system performance will be massive. And you’ll also start to realise just why your online buddies have been castigating you for always being the last one to load into the game…

And thanks to the fact that storage technology has largely ground to a halt over the last year or so, and memory pricing has dropped hugely, solid state drives are cheaper than they’ve ever been. To the point where you can get a large capacity SSD for the sort of money you’d have dropped on a standard hard drive not so long ago.

There are starting to be new PCIe 4.0 SSDs doing the rounds, but they’re still few and far between, and also only compatible with the latest X570 and 3rd Gen Threadripper platforms. But as the new generation rolls around the prices of still superfast PCIe 3.0 NVMe drives have become incredibly tempting. We’ve picked out the best Black Friday SSD deals so you can make the switch today.

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Addlink S70 SSD vs Seagate Firecuda 510

Black Friday SSD deals US

Samsung 860 QVO – save $42 – $88 at Amazon
1TB | SATA | 550MB/s read | 520MB/s write

Using 4-bit MLC the latest Samsung drives are aimed at driving down cost and upping capacity.

Sabrent Rocket – save $30 – $70 at Amazon
512GB | NVMe | 3,400MB/s read | 2,000MB/s write

Sometimes capacity trumps pace, but this PCIe SSD will still outpace any SATA on the planet.

Samsung 970 EVO – save $51 – $99 at Amazon
500GB | NVMe | 3,500MB/s read | 2,500MB/s write

The classic Sammy 970 EVO is still one of the top NVMe drives.

WD Black SN750

WD Black SN750 – save $51 – $99 at Amazon
500GB | NVMe | 3,430MB/s read | 2,600MB/s write

Western Digital is an old name in storage but an up and coming one in the SSD world.

Addlink S70 – $125 at Amazon
1TB | NVMe | 3,400MB/s read | 3,000MB/s write

You will struggle to find as fast an SSD, with as much capacity, for this price. A bargain at any time of the year.

Samsung SSD 860 EVO – save $170 – $230 at Amazon
2TB | SATA | 550MB/s read | 520MB/s write

Okay, $230 sounds a lot for a SATA SSD, but with 2TB of still speedy storage your entire Steam library will fly.

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Addlink S70 1TB SSD

Black Friday SSD deals UK

SanDisk Ultra 3D – save £31 – £51 on Amazon
500GB | SATA | 560MB/s read | 530MB/s write

A decent price for some extra SSD-based storage for your Steam library to spill out onto.

SanDisk SSD Plus – save £45 – £88 on Amazon
1TB | SATA | 535MB/s read | 450MB/s write

If you’re looking for some secondary storage SanDisk’s 1TB drive is a great option.

Sabrent Rocket – £110 on Amazon
1TB | NVMe | 3,450MB/s read | 3,000MB/s write

High performance SSD using the ever-reliable Toshiba memory to back it up.

Addlink S70 – £125 on Amazon
1TB | NVMe | 3,400MB/s read | 3,000MB/s write

Our favourite SSD of the moment thanks to it sitting right in that price and performance sweet spot.

WD Black SN750 – save £110 – £125 on Amazon
1TB | NVMe | 3,470MB/s read | 3,000MB/s write

Addlink has forced everyone else to change their prices, which means we’re getting some SSD bargains this Black Friday!

Samsung 970 EVO Plus review benchmarks

Samsung 970 EVO Plus – save £85 – £155 on Amazon
1TB | NVMe | 3,500MB/s read | 3,300MB/s write

When speed is of the essence then Samsung’s SSDs are the way forward, but even it has had to adjust its pricing.

Sabrent Rocket – save £80 – £250 on Amazon
2TB | NVMe | 3,400MB/s read | 2,700MB/s write

Finding a fast NVMe drive for under £200 is unprecedented… so you better hurry!

Sabrent Rocket PCIe 4 – save £30 – £170 on Amazon
1TB | NVMe | 5,000MB/s read | 4,400MB/s write

If you’re rocking a Ryzen 3000 system then this is the PCIe 4 SSD for you.

Samsung SSD T5 – save £127 – £243 on Amazon
2TB | USB 3.1 | 540MB/s transfer speed

For any professionals on the go, the Samsung T5 is fantastic for real-time use of large datasets, such as with video and photo editing.

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