Best Cyber Monday SSD deals in 2022

For all the best Cyber Monday SSD deals, check back on this page throughout November, as we'll be updating it with new bargains as and when they pop up

Someone holds a WD Black SN750 NVMe SSD high

As we move into the latter half of the year, many of us are already thinking about where we’re going to find the best Cyber Monday SSD deals. Well, guess what, this page you’ve landed on, it’s a treasure map, and it’ll lead you to the cheapest SSDs you’ve ever seen.

With games growing all the time, you might find yourself in an unenviable situation where you get home from a long day, get ready to kick back with your favourite game, only to find it needs an update so big, it no longer fits on your device – yes, we’re looking at you, Call of Duty. Grabbing a cheap SSD during Cyber Monday can be a good way to help you avoid such an incident.

Samsung 980 Pro 2TB

You can currently get Samsung 980 Pro 2TB for $228.95 USD ($150 off) or £230 GBP (9% off) from Amazon.

Samsung is among the biggest names in the SSD arena, and this NVMe is some of its best work. It’s one of the fastest PCIe 4.0 M.2 drives on the market for a whopping 40% off in the US. Over in the UK, the discounted model even comes with its own heatsink to stop it from over-heating even during long sessions on powerful next gen games.

With 2TB of storage space, you could fill it with a library of your favourite games – and, of course, any other media that you are fond of. This particular model is also optimised for PlayStation 5, so if you’re a console gamer too, you may be able to use it for both.

Samsung T7 Shield 1TB portable SSD

The Samsung T7 Shield 1TB portable SSD is currently available at $99.99 USD ($70 off) / £113.49 (save 3%) on Amazon.

If you find yourself switching between different devices quite often, then you’ll probably be better off going for a portable SSD rather than an internal one. The Samsung Shield T7 is one of the best portable SSDs around and you’ll find that it has a particularly high performance level with read/write speeds of up to 1,050 MB/s and 1,000 MB/s respectively.

With an external device, you might worry about dust accumulation and water ingress, but, fortunately, it has something in place to prevent this. Its rubber housing not only protects it from these kinds of wear and tear, but it also prevents fall damage from heights of up to three metres. This should alleviate any fears about suddenly losing everything in this little media library.

More Cyber Monday SSD deals

Here are a few more SSD deals that we’ve been able to during Cyber Monday:

When is Black Friday 2022?

For 2022, Black Friday weekend takes place from November 25 to 28, finishing with Cyber Monday. Of course, some deals have been active all month with plenty of retailers starting early, but most save the best for last. We’ll keep this page updated with information on the best deals as and when they become available.

How to find the best Cyber Monday deals

If you’re after an SSD, check back on this page and we’ll have picked out a selection of highlights for you. If you’re looking for other things too, we have a Cyber Monday deals hub, where we’ll gather together all kinds of PC hardware deals. Plus, it also includes a list to our other deals guides based on different types of product, like gaming laptops, or gaming chairs – whatever you’re after.