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Blacksea Odyssey giveaway! Win one of 100 copies of this stylish space shoot-’em-up!


If there’s one thing you can’t deny that Blacksea Odyssey has, it’s style.  Fusing multiple genres, including roguelike and top-down shooter, Blacksea Odyssey is a violent, fast and colourful twin-stick shoot-’em-up set in the deep realms of space. 

Playing as one of the greatest huntsman in all the galaxy, you set out to compete in the legendary tournament, the Blacksea Odyssey, for your chance to fight an otherworldly monster that is said to be the size of multiple galaxies, and also ancient treasures to boot. You also get to wield a harpoon whilst riding a missile, effectively allowing you to recreate Moby Dick, but in space. Lovely.

Blacksea Odyssey has vast galaxies for you to explore, featuring procedurally generated and fully destructible environments, and randomised enemies and loot, creating a world potentially full of replayability. It also contains a fully customisable upgrade system, allowing you to use materials to forge tons of runes that you can use to upgrade you spear and space-craft. Blacksea Odyssey also boasts plenty of other screen-filling behemoth bosses that are just waiting for you to pick apart with your trusty harpoon once you’re done shooting the small fry.

We’ve got 100 keys for this space-whaling shooter to give away, and for a chance to win all you have to do is complete actions using the widget below. Each action is worth one entry, and the more time you enter the more chance you have of winning! Upon winning, keys will need to be redeemed on Steam, and we’ll also need your email address so we can send you your code upon winning.

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Blacksea Odyssey giveaway! Win one of 100 keys of this space shoot-'em-up!