Blade & Soul character class Force Master unveiled, shoots fire and ice from hands


Blade & Soul is one of the more interesting F2P MMOs on the horizon. It’s being ported from Korea by the folks at NCSoft and is all about various kinds of martial arts masters battling away with one-another and monsters to attain glory, levels and loot. The latest to be revealed is the magical Force Master, who uses elemental attacks to dish out serious damage.

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The Force Master is one of the game’s ranged classes, trading hardiness for mage-style glass cannoning of enemies into charcoal or frozen shards. Switching between those two elements is key to doing damage at the right times, and they’re the best option available for AoE. Mess it up though and you’re dead just as fast as your enemies. More information, video and screenshots over on the official class post.

Blade & Soul’s beta is running on fairly regular weeks. It’s closed, and you can buy access via a Founder’s Pack or just sign up on the website. The next is runningNovember 24–30, and here’s the full schedule:

  • Closed Beta 1: Oct 29–Nov 2
  • Closed Beta 2: Nov 13–16
  • Closed Beta 3: Nov 24–30
  • Closed Beta 4: Dec 11–14
  • Closed Beta 5: Dec 18–21

The game should be fully launching in 2016 as a free to play title. Your progress from the beta won’t be carrying over, so it is purely a testing and taster session. We recently gave away a load of keys for the beta– who managed to have a play and what did you think?