Blade & Soul’s Shattered Empire update adds the biggest group challenge so far on April 27

Blade & Soul

NCSoft have announced the next big free update for Blade & Soul – Shattered Empire – is set to release on April 27.

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Shattered Empire will only be playable if you’ve finished the previous expansions, as the story is told in a linear fashion.

However, if you have, your treat will be new Heroic dungeons – Cold Storage and Sogun’s Lament – which apparently provide the biggest Blade & Soul group challenge to date.

Solo players won’t be left out, though, as they’ll be able to attempt to climb floor 9-15 of Mushin’s Tower.

And if you’re looking for some PvP action, you can compete in a new 6v6 objective-based mode called Whirlwind Valley.

In the meantime, why not read our big interview with Blade & Soul’s producer, who talks free expansions, clothing, button-mashing combat and the challenges associated with storytelling in a game full of heroes.