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Blizzard reveals four new, mostly nuts, Heroes of the Storm characters at PAX East

Four new Heroes of the Storm characters

Before Heroes of the Storm, I honestly can’t say that any MOBA characters interested me all that much until after I’d spent at least a few hours playing them. But Blizzard seems intent on creating heroes that sound absolutely bonkers. Even on paper, some of these characters demand to be played. 

With PAX East underway, Blizzard’s making all sorts of Heroes of the Storm-related announcements and reveals – the most recent of which is the unveiling of four new characters. And none of them are remotely alike. 

World of Warcraft’s precocious pandaran, Li Li, is a support hero, but one who can defend herself. Fellow World of Warcraft heroes, Brightwing the fairy dragon and Murky the murloc sound a bit more interesting. The former is a healing hero, and can teleport between allies to patch up their wounds or turn enemies into animals. The delightfully named Murky is a weakling. “Murky is going to die A LOT,” says Blizzard. He’s relentless, though. He can lay eggs, and when he’s killed, he’ll respawn instantly out of the egg.

The only non-World of Warcraft hero in this motley crew is Zagara, the zerg broodmother. The Starcraft hero can drop Creep Tumours that spread Zerg Creep, buffing her speed and that of her summons. She can also use her Nydus Worms to jump all around the map, allowing her to siege multiple lanes with her creeps.

Blizzard also announced that World of Warcraft characters Sylvanas, Chen and Kael’thas are also in development.

Any particular hero you’d like to see added? I’d be happy with any three – but more happy with all – of the three Lost Vikings.