Blizzard say goodbye to Windows XP and Vista

Blizzard End Support for Windows XP Vista

Blizzard Entertainment have been well known for supporting games long after their expiration date. Just last year, the veteran developers released a fresh patch for 2002’s Warcraft 3. Unfortunately, it would seem that even they can’t perform miracles and the Warcraft and Overwatch developers have announced that at some point later this year, they will be ending support for Windows XP and Vista.

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At fifteen years old, Windows XP is fondly remembered by many gamers who used it at the beginning of the millennium and it is a testament to its solidarity that many retail and service industry systems still run on it. But it would seem enough is enough for Blizzard, who explained in a post on their forums that “there have been three major Windows releases since Vista, and at this point, the vast majority of our audience has upgraded to one of the newer versions.”

Reaction to the news has been split between frustration and applause. One user laments that “the second WoW stops working on Vista is the second I’m done with WoW, I guess. Don’t have the money to upgrade my system to support 7+.” On the other hand, one user seemed rather pleased by the decision, stating that “If you’re still running XP or Vista, you’re not running an OS you’re running a security risk.”

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