Block N Load’s Kira-Chan is going free for a while

Block N Load Kira-Chan

Block N Load is free to play these days, and as such its heroes are taking the MOBA route of being on rotation. Entering the rotation today is Kira-Chan, now free to play as for the first time ever, and for a limited time. She’s a gun-toting J-Pop superstar, and a sure fire choice for anyone who enjoys cats.

What separates Block N Load from other shooters? It rewards players for being smart, say developer Jagex.

Kira-Chan is equipped with two SMGs and the ridiculous Kitty Cannon, a RPG that launches mewing rockets and grenade kitties. She can also lay down Popstar Portals to allow teleportation across the map, providing the ability to ambush enemy players.

As one hero joins the rotation, one must leave, so we hope you’re not too attached to Sir Nigel Purdey-Longshott, who now much be bought from the in-game store should you wish to play as him. Of course, you could just wait for him to come back on the rotation: he’s not gone for good.

Block N Load is free to play. If you want to see what Kira-Chan and her chums are all about, just download the game from Steam.