Block N Load trailer shows off Jagex’s Ace of Spades successor

block n load trailer jagex

Ace of Spades took Minecraft’s malleable world and stuffed a team shooter into it. Matches saw you blasting through your enemies’ fortifications and building up your own.

Block N Load is Jagex’s follow up to Ace of Spades, it makes the whole thing prettier and makes it a lot more like Team Fortress 2.

Ace of Spades had four classes – the commando, marksman, engineer, and miner – but they were pretty characterless. Block N Load builds on that structure by replacing the four classes with six new ones. These are all more characterful then Ace of Spades – you’ve Cogwheel the minigun-toting robot and Juan the Mexican ninja.

You can see them at work in the Block N Load announcement trailer:

Jagex are clearly taking after Team Fortress 2 with the reimagining, each character has a role within the game and can customise their look and weapons to an extent. The Minecraft destructibility adds another dimension to play, allowing you to carve your way through the level to reach your target.

Jagex have yet to announced a release date.